Just the basics, General Traag

General Traag

The rock’em sock’em rock soldier

Released in 1989

I’m going to be honest, I don’t know squat about General Traag; which is a shame when you take his position into consideration. He is the leader of Krang’s vast military leader who cares for little else but what Krang has planned for both Dimension X and planet Earth. I mean, I know that he’s a stone warrior, he’s a moron and his best friend (if he actually has any friends) is Sergeant Granitor. But taking away all of that, I know next to nothing about the biggest, toughest lug around.

Considering how little impact Traag made in the TV show back in the eighties, looking back, I’m surprised they actually made a figure out of him; even though I shouldn’t be surprised at all, considering they made a figure out of almost every recurring character from the original animated series. But, just because I don’t know much about this guy, doesn’t mean that he didn’t make an impact with someone. I’m sure that somewhere out there is a TMNT fan that is wondering why Bebop and Rocksteady get all the glory and Traag and Granitor get table scraps.

The figure for Traag is a crazy sight to behold. I do not envy the concept artist that had to figure out how to make an action figure out of a rock. I couldn’t have done it. I’d be sitting at my table with a rock in my hand, crying and question why I started drawing for a living. But the figure in question is full of the same type of hilarious personality that this figure line has become known for. Traag’s brown and gray body looks like a piece of sediment come to life; and were it not for the natural shine that comes with being molded from plastic, I could see how someone would mistake this for a pet rock that got ticked off at its owner.

Traag’s sculpt is covered in little extras that make you wonder just what the hell this guy has been through. He’s covered in lobsters, a snake, tarantulas and lizards. The fact that this guy doesn’t darn about being covered in stuff that would make me have a seizure shows just how tough, or at least fearless, this guy is. One thing that sets him apart from the rest is his articulation, which is ironic since he was a bit of a moron in the show. While General Traag sports the same seven points of articulation, he has a hinge joint at his right elbow to help him comfortably hold his laser rifle. This may not sound like that big of a deal nowadays, but considering that he’s one of only two figures in the entire line to sport these types of joints is something to consider when speaking of the line as a whole, and it makes me feel kind of bad for not being the biggest fan of this character. I do love the added effects on his mold, while he’s not the only one to be covered in…stuff, he’s the one that seems to notice it the least, making him seem like even more of a legit BA, and the extra bit of articulation with this guy lends to just a bit more dynamic possibilities when it comes to posing your figures.

There is one detail that helps separate General Traag from the rest of the bad guys in the line. Take a look under his right boot and you’ll find the crushed remains of a…baby turtle!

I immediately hate this guy now. He’s willing to smoke a defenseless animal? He has to die!  It’s details like this that really separate this toy line from all the rest; the willingness to go the extra mile in making a character pop and have an identity all their own. Taking this figure into account, regardless of your knowledge of his roots, you know, at first glance, that he’s a bad guy. Despite the fact that he looks like Dick Miller from Gremlins (you know, the only guy that helped in that movie), this character looks dangerous and impossible to throw down against. If only his source material were as intimidating.


Turtle Trivia: In the ’87 animated series, General Traag was voiced by Peter Renaday, who also provided the voice for Master Splinter.

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