Just the basics, Wyrm

Wyrm The Wiggly Weirdo Warrior Released in 1991   Around the fourth series of figures in the original Playmates TMNT figure line there was a strange mandate that was seemingly put into place that saw some figures wearing a single boot or shoe, while the other leg was completely mutated into the limb of the […]

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Just the basics, Fugitoid

Fugitoid The Sleek Servo Servant Released in 1990 Before there were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, there was Fugitoid. Premiering back in the pages of the anthology comic book called Gobbledygook in 1984; Fugitoid (along with the Triceratons) is one of the first creations from Mirage Studios. I have heard tale that Kevin Eastman and […]

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Just the basics, Triceraton

Triceraton The Hard-Headed, Horned Hoodlum Released in 1990 To find the inspiration for the next few figures in the line we have to go back, way back, to the original TMNT comics that started everything. After fighting off both Shredder and Baxter Stockman, the Turtles find themselves in the distant reaches of space while searching […]

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Just the basics, Panda Khan

Panda Khan The Samurai Bashin’ Bear Released in 1990 Panda Khan’s real name is actually Li Yang. He was created by the team of Dave Garcia and Monica Sharp for the comic book titled A Distant Soil. From what I understand, they worked out a deal with Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird that was similar […]

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Just the basics, Scumbug

Scumbug The Turtlebustin’ Exterminator! Released in 1990 You know, with the amount of accidental mutations happening out there in the TMNT universe, you’d figure that Mutagen would be more commonly known and safeguards would be put in place. Well, if that were to happen, then a massive plot hole would open up in Turtles fiction […]

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Just the basics, Pizza Face

Pizza Face The psychotic pizza chef Released in 1990   Let’s talk about conviction. Some people hold beliefs so dear and close to their hearts that there is no swaying their opinion. Some people hold to their belief in Bigfoot, a sports team or religion. But some people, some people believe they can crawl into […]

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Just the basics, Mondo Gecko

Mondo Gecko The rip-roarin’, skateboardin’ reptile Released 1990   There are so many characters found within the Playmates TMNT toy line that are so easily identifiable, that you’d be hard pressed to find a figure that could be labeled generic. It is staggering, the amount of figures that you can pick out by only knowing […]

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Just the basics, Slash

Slash The evil turtle from dimension x Released in 1990   Every now and then, there is a bad guy that everyone loves. Whether it’s the Joker (even though it should be Bane) or Lord Zedd, there are just bad guys that surpass the whole “love to hate” angle. For the Turtles, it’s Slash; the […]

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Just the basics, Mutagen Man

Mutagen Man The non-stop mutating monster Released in 1990   If there is a way to make a body-horror film accessible to kids, the Turtles found it with Mutagen Man. This woefully underappreciated character is a victim of happenstance when it comes to his mutation, or lack thereof. Seymour Gutz was just an average delivery […]

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Just the basics, Ray Fillet

Ray Fillet The fist-fighting fish Released in 1990   Introducing, Ray Fillet, AKA Man Ray; Real name: Jack Finney. Also called Ray, real name…forget it. This guy has more identities than Jason Bourne. This figure is actually based on the character named Jack Finney; a former marine biologist turned mutant manta ray that appeared in […]

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