Let’s talk offline bots.

Honestly, and I know I’m going to take flak for this, but Friday the 13th: The Game is my favorite game of 2017. Despite the released of both Resident Evil 7 and Injustice 2, I have played Friday the 13th almost daily since its release in May of last year. I’m not going to bore you with the specifics in game play. It’san asymmetrical, 7v1 multiplayer experience that potentially puts you in the shoes of everyone’s favorite hockey masked mama’s boy, Jason Voorhees.

A Voorhees for every occasion.

But, thanks to a patch that was made available this past December, the game could be played offline for the first time in a game mode called “Offline Bots”. The whole point to this mode is to help players that may be struggling while playing as Jason.

It’s been said that a level of fun that you have with Friday is dependent on the person playing as Jason. While this is partially true, I will agree that it is more fun to play against someone that knows what their doing when faced with a lobby full of counselors that are doing everything they can to escape from camp Crystal Lake, if not trying to kill Jason himself. When you’re playing against a Jason that knows where to place traps, when to stalk and when to overpower other players, it can make you feel okay with losing, if not making you laugh/yelp when you see your own over-the-top death scene play out.

But not everyone has the time or desire to become “good” at playing Jason. So offline is here to help.

Let’s be bad guys.

Right from the start in offline mode, you’re given your choice of the seven maps to play through and your pick of the seven Jason’s, provided you have leveled up enough to unlock them all. You’re also able to pick a how many counselors you can play against (between one and seven) and you’re given your choice of difficulty setting; the standard “easy”, “medium” and “hard” modes. Not only that, but the experience, or “CP”, gained in this mode is added to your overall experience points needed to purchase different character perks and clothing for counselors, ad kills for Jason himself. That is an amazing addition that didn’t need to be added to the mode, but further incentivizes the players to giving this mode a shot.

The real talking point here is how the counselors react to your Jason and that all really depends on the difficulty that you’re playing. Based on my own experiences, this mode should be played on either normal or hard difficulty. Now, I’m not one of those disgusting, elitist, trolls that thinks playing a game on easy is an embarrassment, far from it. My kids play games on easy, because it’s fun for them. Playing this mode on easy is just too easy because everyone hides under a bed or in a closet.

Nothing to see here…



But playing on normal or hard difficulties will have counselors picking up weapons and fighting back. They’ll trying solving problems like fixing power outages or calling the cops. They’ll make sure to pick up a trusty pocket knife and fight back when you grab them for a quick kill. I even had one counselor repair a car and escape from me while playing on normal once and I felt thrilled that one was able to get away.

The funny thing was, was that it was Chad escaping, by himself, in a four-seater. What a dick.wwgfriday13th17-1003360

The real reason to give offline bots a try in Friday the 13th is the fact that it makes playing as Jason fun for everyone involved. It immediately eliminates the stress of playing against a lobby full of racist, hateful nine year olds playing on their parent’s account who just run around a car for twenty minutes. It eliminates rage-quitting hosts that are pissed off that you managed to kill them. And it helps you narrow down your play style while remaining true to the game play as well as the character of Jason Voorhees himself.

While it doesn’t replace the rush of evading a good (or even a bad) Jason player, it does make you feel overpowered while playing against offline counselors. And Jason is probably the only character in video games that is expected to be overpowered, if not celebrated for it; which is something that the base game is struggling with right now. A lot of people online are saying that Jason has been nerfed over the past couple of months, thanks to character perks that potentially make them too powerful (heavy hitter). While I think that this is merely a case of people getting better at the game, I can see where they’re coming from…to a point. But, while the only real way to get better at playing as Jason is to play against other players, taking the game offline is probably the most fun I’ve had with this game in a while.



-Try out every version of Jason at least once

-Try every map

-Play on normal or hard difficulties

-Expect pocket knives…fuckin’ pocket knives

Expect to find Tommy Jarvis opening drawers

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