just the basics: Walkabout


The Kicking Kangaroo from Down Under

Released in 1991

Man, who doesn’t love a kangaroo?


Before we talk about the next figure, let’s take a minute and explore Walkabout’s portrait. First off, in case you didn’t know, our hero Walkabout hails from Australia; a land full of the world’s scariest animals. We all know how much of a gap there is between the United States and Australia, right? But when reading his portrait on the back of the card, it makes it seem as if New York City and Australia are as close as NYC and Trenton, New Jersey. Secondly, reading through Walkabouts portrait, you find out that, not only was he a swagman (traveling laborer), not only did he walk from Australia to New York, but apparently he never came into contact with the amazing mutagen that so many of our favorite heroes in a half-shell have. One day, this one-eyes wonder just mutated all on his own, through sheer force of will.

What’s really impressive about this figure, aside from an amazing sculpt, is the fact that it showcases many different shades of orange without feeling redundant or looking bland. The molded fur looks great, and his blue and green clothing looks great with amazing attention to detail.

With pockets and pouches (of course he has pouches) ago-go, he also comes equipped with multiple knives attached at the hip, which, unfortunately are a part of his mold and thus non playable. Surprisingly, Walkabout comes sporting eight points of articulation instead of the usual seven, thanks in no small part to his tail that can aid in standing the figure upright. Although you should have no problem standing this tramp seeing as how he is one of the few flatfooted figures in the entire line. The best part of his articulation is the fact that he has joints at the knees that allow you to mess around with his scale thanks to knee joints and the overall balance of the figure.

Walkabout also comes with a little buddy character names Kid Kangie, a much smaller kangaroo armed with a bo staff that’s almost bigger than he is. While it’s never mentioned what the relationship Walkabout has with his pint-sized cohort, I always imagined that he was his son that he brought along with him on his journey to the Outback to the city that never sleeps.

What a guy.


Unfortunately, there’s not much else to say about Walkabout or his buddy/son Kid Kangie, as he has never appeared in any form of Turtles media outside of the action figures from Playmates, which is too bad considering his potential.



Turtle Trivia: Like I said, not much to say.

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