just the basics: The Mega Mutants

The Mega Mutants


Now when I started writing this I had a strict, self-imposed rule of only covering action figures, and no variants. Well, spoilers, but my no variants rule is going to be bent later on, and while the next two figures are also considered vehicles…they don’t have wheels so, we’re fine.


 Killer Bee

The Psychotic Stinging, Pollinating Punk

Released in 1990



I know that I have said that some figures are “massive” or “huge”, but Killer Bee truly deserves that description seeing as how he’s large enough for any figure in the line to actually ride him. As I write this, I’m actually trying to find a story reason for these mutants to be as large as they are, but considering that may ruin the whole mystique of what the Mutagen is and what it does, I’ll just say that Playmates just wanted to make a toy that another toy could ride, therefore increasing the longevity of the toy line. Anyway…


Killer Bee is a massive bee that, I guess, broke out of insect jail, seeing as how he’s wearing a stripped hat, a ball and chain and he has an electric chair strapped to his back. This six legged psycho comes equipped with a chainsaw and a large cannon that plugs into his back, he also seems to have had his stinger removed and replaced with a metal one that looks like it could punch a hole in a building if he were so inclined. One aspect of this figure that really stands out is just the amount of damage that this bee has taken. From his wings to his abdomen, Killer Bee is covered in large gashes and bullet holes that have apparently not even begun to slow him down.


Perhaps the best aspect of this figure is his head sculpt, as Killer Bee has veiny, crazy ex-girlfriend looking eyes that seem as if they’re about to pop out of his head at any moment. Also, he must have a bad head cold as his mouth is overflowing with some type of mucus. On the other hand, one this that is a massive annoyance about this figure (as well as his good guy counterpart, Needlenose) is the fact that it’s really had to stand him up for a prolonged period of time seeing as how his body is so big and the two legs that he stands on are scrawny. Fortunately, his stinger is molded in such a way that he’s meant to kind of lay on while standing. Although it is tricky to keep him balanced when you strap a Foot Soldier to him and set him on a shelf, as he wasn’t made for display.




The Bloodsucking Military Mutant Mosquito

Released in 1990



Not to be outdone, the Turtles have a monstrous, mega mutant flyer of their very own with Needlenose. Apparently this humongous mosquito was a person at one time or another. I’m guess that’s the case since he’s described as “military”, but, perhaps I’m putting too much thought into this.

Perhaps this crewcut-sporting cruiser is described as such because of the heavy artillery he’s carrying as he has no less than three guns on his person and two rockets strapped to his forelegs. While Needlenose is less gross than his villainous counterpart, he takes his flying incredibly seriously seeing as how he has a massive engine strapped to his back and some type of turbines on his wings to give him the boost he needs to mow down the enemy where they stand. Also, it should be noted that, unlike Killer Bee, Needlenose is much easier to stand due to have four legs to prop him up. Sure, the feet could have been spread a bit wider for better support, but these toys were never meant for display. So this is a problem that may just be unique to me and other collectors.


I know that they are vehicles and not figures but honestly, I can’t help my own appreciation for them having the same amount of charm and character as the figures in the basic series. You can definitely tell that lot of thought and care went into the designs of these figures, and while they are more than a little gross (seriously, Needlenose has a tongue for a seat), they are truly unique amongst their fellow mutants seeing as how they are kind of lacking any kind of human characteristics, making these Mega Mutants the only truly animal figures in the line.



Turtle Trivia: Yeah, I got nothing. There’s nothing really known about these guys other than they exist.


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