just the basics: Chrome Dome

Chrome Dome

The Mechanical Master of Metal

Released in 1991


This mechanical menace was developed by the Shredder in his own image with the singular purpose of destroying the TMNT. Chrome Dome is an awesome looking figure that easily separates himself from the rest of the toy line with a very 90’s silvery/chrome paint job that shines like a damn mirror to this day.

While Chrome Dome’s file card does indicate that he is supposed to bear Shredders image, he does look more like a traditional samurai than the Shredder. Chrome Dome’s silver paint job is accented by black paint that helps the overall silver finish pop ad keep you from getting lost in his silver design. His arms and legs however, are almost all black plastic that is broken up nicely by blue, red, and more silver details that add to the overall appearance making this figure more than just a shiny piece of plastic.

My only real complaint about this figure is the blue utility belt that can be attached to his waist. It looks great, adding some color variety to his chrome torso, but thanks to the arch in his back, it’s impossible to realistically holster his swords in their sheaths which are molded to the back of his belt. Maybe other collectors have had better luck than I have with his weapons, but I just couldn’t fit his weapons where they’re supposed to go and have it look natural.

One thing that I have noticed from most toy reviewers today is that almost everyone has had a similar complaint about this figure. Most people have said that due to the weird design of Chrome Dome’s feet, he’s next to impossible to stand. With respect to their opinions, I have no idea what they’re talking about. I have personally never had a problem standing this guy on a shelf or a table, or any surface other than carpet.

While I don’t want to make too big of a deal with this next point, I feel it is worth mentioning that in the original TMNT cartoon, Chrome Dome was depicted as a massive character that had to stand around twelve to fifteen feet tall. But his figure is in the same scale as almost every other figure in the line. I understand that this was probably a cost cutting solution on the part of Playmates, and one I definitely understand; I would want to sell as many of these as I could. But there was already an eleven-inch Krang Android Body figure released the same year, so why couldn’t Chrome Dome receive the same treatment?

However, this doesn’t take anything away from the figure itself and he looks really cool standing alongside Robotic Bebop and Rocksteady.



Turtle Trivia: While Chrome Dome only makes a couple appearances in the ’87 animated series, he was voiced by none other than the great Peter “Splinter” Renaday. Peter also voiced over forty characters in ten seasons of the first animated TMNT series.

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