just the basics: Super Shredder

Super Shredder

The Mutant-Mincing Mega Madman

Released in 1991



Ever since he broke out on the big screen during the big finale of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze; the Super Shredder has been a staple of TMNT media. The best games in the TMNT library feature the big man as a final boss and there is a reason for that…he’s friggin’ terrifying.

Born in an act of desperation, the Shredder, inches away from defeat at the hands of the Turtles, defies his fate and drinks a large vial of Mutagen in order to gain the strength necessary to crush his sworn enemies. The result is a hulking mass of strength, power and hatred with the singular goal of destroying the Turtles.

The Super Shredder’s figure takes the original Shredder’s design (puts clothes on him), and turns everything up to eleven with more blades, a redesigned helmet and a larger frame that looks like it’s too bulky to be supported by its own legs. One detail of this figure that I really like is the actual stance of the figure nicely emulates the stance of the Shredder figure that came out in 1988. It’s a small detail that I literally just noticed as I am writing this. That attention to detail can almost be considered the mission statement of this entire toy line.

While this figure may just be a beefed up version of everyone’s favorite bucket-headed villain, you may be surprised to know that there are more than one version of this figure floating around out there in the wild. There was the standard version of the figure that wore silver armor with purple clothing, as purple has become the signature color for the Shredder. But there is also a version that was released in the European markets that wore both purple clothing and armor. I don’t know what the aftermarket value of this particular figure is at the moment, but from what I’ve seen, purple Super Shredder’s missing their armor are carrying a one hundred dollar price tag.

The version that I am writing about here, the one that I have in my collection, is a rare figure that wears gun meatal colored armor and black clothing. This guy is considered a rarity because he was part of a mail-away promotion for Chef Boyardee. The reason I chose not to try and find the other versions of the Super Shredder is pretty simple, while I did have the basic version of this figure as a kid, the black and gray Super Shredder was a Christmas gift to me a few years ago from a friend who is also a collector. What makes this so special to me, is that my friend knew how rare this figure was and he didn’t care, he knew I would love and gave it to me from his collection.


It may sound lame, but whenever I look at this figure, I don’t see a rare toy or a mutant hating ninja warrior; I see a gift from a friend that I made through a shared loved of all things TMNT. And that simple gesture from him is what Turtle Power is all about.


Turtle Trivia: Despite how sturdy these figures are, the European-only, purple armored Super Shredder’s bladed armor was made with cheaper, softer plastics that were comparable to rubber that did not hold up well over time, as it would crack easily.

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