this is not about the X-Men

So I understand that this post may irk people the wrong way. I get that so many people believe that the Disney/Fox merger, which was finalized in July of this year, is kind of a big deal. This deal went down in a hotel (as so many of them do) in Manhattan where Disney purchased […]

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TMNT reboot: what needs to happen

So back in June it was reported that a new film in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film series had begun development. While news on this new film is minimal (only a screenwriter and producers have been announced), I’m sure that fans have already speculated what the new film could be about and have already […]

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Where is Venus?

If you frequent this website with any amount of regularity, you already know that I am a big fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I have spent years writing about them, and it’s for good reason: they’re incredible. In my opinion, they have been a part of the best action figure line in history. […]

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first look at Ruby Rose as Batwoman

In a mere two months, we will get to see another CW Arrow-verse television crossover event.  But that’s not all, December ninth will also see the live-action television premiere of fan-favorite character Batwoman. And today, we have our first look at actress Ruby Rose as the newest addition to the CW’s healthy stable of superheros. […]

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just the basics: Merdude

Merdude The Supreme Slippery Ninja Neptune Released in 1992   In every team of superheroes, there is always one guy that is considered the outsider. From Wolverine to Batman, they’re usually tough and standoffish with a giant heart under the surface. When it comes to the Turtles, they’ve got Merdude, the lost king of Atlantis. […]

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just the basics: Antrax

Antrax The Picnic Punk with a Four Fisted Punch Released in 1992   Apparently, Dimension X is a bad place that is that is constantly under the iron heel of Krang’s mighty army. There’s crime, child soldiers and corruption everywhere you look, but there is only one person that executes the guilty and that terrible […]

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just the basics: Scale Tail

Scale Tail The Slitherin’ Slippery Sleezeball Released in 1992     Tired of always having his brain stem handed to him every time he takes on the Turtles, Krang decided to bring in a ringer with Scale Tail, the most feared and successful bounty hunter in Dimension X. Scale Tail is a crazy looking figure […]

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