just the basics: Antrax


The Picnic Punk with a Four Fisted Punch

Released in 1992


Apparently, Dimension X is a bad place that is that is constantly under the iron heel of Krang’s mighty army. There’s crime, child soldiers and corruption everywhere you look, but there is only one person that executes the guilty and that terrible responsibility falls to Antrax, the Executioner.

I’ll be honest; I almost didn’t get this figure while I was filling out my collection. Bugs usually don’t bother me, but Antrax, in the right (lack of) light, he can really look eerie. Antrax is a four-armed, two-legged behemoth of a figure that boasts the most articulation in the entire line and also happens to be draped in my favorite color, purple.

This figure’s sculpt is also incredibly ambitious. It must’ve been scary trying to design a figure with multiple limbs and not make them look like the same arm times four. Each arm is of a unique design, with their own point of articulation…mostly. While three of Antrax’s arms have both a ball-joint at the should and a swivel at either the elbow or the wrist, the lower right arm only has a single ball-joint at the shoulder, which is fine, but I guess I’m greedy when I say that I wish all four arms were articulated at multiple points. The tradeoff though is that all four hands can brandish a weapon of some sort, making Antrax look nigh unbeatable when fully armed. But that’s also a point of my own ridiculous frustration with this figure; his weaponry. While he does come equipped with a massive battle axe that just so happens to have a noose tied to one end, and he comes with a mean looking spiked club, that’s about it for Krang’s personal executioner of Dimension X. Sure, he does come with a ball and chain to attach to his prey (I guess), but I feel that if you’re gonna design a figure with four arms, you’ve got to use them. Maybe they used too much plastic when manufacturing the figure, but I feel that this was a missed opportunity on Playmates’ part not to make Antrax the Swiss army knife of supervillains.

With that being said, I love the details on this figure. His breast and abdomen are plated with bronze armor. His purple hood flaps in the wind while his eyes and antennae poke through. White, gritted teeth peer out from behind Antrax’s red feelers at his snout, and black frame is accented by deep red colored veins that line his musculature.


I can’t say too much more about this figure. Not that I don’t want to, I just feel that would be repeating myself. I do love his whole barbarian theme that they went for. Sure, the animated series may have went a little far with it. But, if you have a guy that’s supposed to be an executioner type, it is required by law that the repeatedly yell out “Off with his head!” at every opportunity.  But I would like to recommend to you the one episode that he appears in in the ’87 animated series entitled “Night of the Rogues” in season seven. The episode sees the Turtles taking on Antrax as well as Shredder, Leatherhead, Rat King, Slash, Chrome Dome, Scumbug and Tempestra (where is her figure, Playmates!?)



Turtle Trivia: While Night of the Rogues is the first and only appearance of Antrax in the ’87 animated series, the Turtles all react to him as if they have been battling him for years at that point…weird.

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