first look at Ruby Rose as Batwoman

In a mere two months, we will get to see another CW Arrow-verse television crossover event.  But that’s not all, December ninth will also see the live-action television premiere of fan-favorite character Batwoman.

And today, we have our first look at actress Ruby Rose as the newest addition to the CW’s healthy stable of superheros.



Now we all know that the addition of Ruby Rose has been the cause for major backlash that has caused the actress to leave social media for at least a while. I will not be commenting on that here because I think people that would harass someone they don’t know for doing her job are not worth commenting on.

Personally, being a guy that has never seen Ruby Rose in a film or TV show, and also having never read a Batwoman comic in my life, I really like this look. You know what’s crazy, this costume has a real “Batman: Forever” vibe that makes me feel super nostalgic for 90’s Batman…I don’t know why.

Based on this one image that honestly looks more like an artists rendition than it does a picture of a woman in a costume, I’m digging it and I look forward to more.


This image was release on Tuesday, October 9th 2018, by the Hollywood Reporter.

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