James Gunn to write Suicide Squad 2

So, I’m sure by now that we all know the debacle that was the James Gunn firing thanks to Disney buckling under an internet smear campaign. So going over that brain-dead decision is a moot point by now, so I won’t bother with it here. But news from io9 and Gamespot confirms that director and writer James Gunn is indeed confirmed to (at least) write the sequel to the 2016 hit film, Suicide Squad.


Personally, I am glad to see that Gunn is getting another shot at a major film franchise after his old bosses let him go at a moments notice just days before this past San Diego Comic Con.

As of right now, James Gunn hasn’t commented on his plans for the upcoming sequel, or the rumors that he may also direct the film that is currently being overseen by director Gavin O’Connor. While it may seem like a no-brainier to have the guy that made the Guardians of the frickinGalaxy household names take over the reigns of this controversial franchise and steer it in a new direction. But let’s not count out the potential contributions of a director like O’Connor.

'The Accountant' film premiere, Los Angeles, USA - 10 Oct 2016

Gavin O’Connor has proven himself to be a tremendous director of sports dramas, with films like Warrior and Miracle, as well as bang-out action vehicles like The Accountant. While I would love to see a James Gunn Directed Suicide Squad 2 (imagine the soundtrack!), I really love how Gavin O’Connor films action and I am praying for him to film some kind of shootout between Deadshot and Deathstroke.


Honestly, I am just glad to see James Gunn rebounding from a petty firing at the hands of our dearly beloved overlords at Disney, and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for this side of the DC Films Universe and beyond.

Oh, and one last thing, #bautistaasbane

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