Best Thanksgiving Moments with Friends

As I get older, I realize that Thanksgiving (or as my mom calls it, Food Day) is my favorite holiday. The dumb part is going out to a relatives home or having a bunch of people you don’t really want to talk to come to your home and ask for pi. But you know what the best part of Thanksgiving is (and every other day, really)? Friends being on Netflix, and no one did Thanksgiving episodes better than Friends. While most people toil away sappy Christmas episodes, Friends made a point of showing six friends create a family amongst themselves with a Thanksgiving meal loaded with hi-jinx. With that in mind, let’s take a look at five of the best moments from Friends best Thanksgiving episodes.


Season 4: The One With Chandler in a Box- Monica loses it

in a box

Okay, so there is a lot to wrap up in this one image, but what you need to know is Monica is thinking of dating her ex-boyfriends son which sounds maybe a bit creepier than it plays out in the episode and since the other friends are a bunch of mid-twenties yuppies, they’re breaking Monica’s balls for almost the whole episode before Monica finally puts everyone in their place. No wonder she’s the “mom” of the group.


Season 6: The One Where Ross Gets High- Judy is hardcore

judy geller

How awesome was Christina Pickles as Judy Geller? Sharp as a tack and unable to handle bullshit. she is THE example of the mother we’ve all met that is kind of mean to her kids, and it’s hilarious. Well here she finally has enough of the titular friends acting like children and tells them that it is time to be adults. Plus, there is a rare heartfelt moment between Judy and Monica concerning Monica’s new relationship. It’s hilarious and sweet and it always makes me smile when I see it.


Season 5: The One With All the Thanksgivings- Kids


As time went on, Friends became known for hilarious flashbacks to Monica and Ross’s childhood in the eighties. While there is no real moment that stands out in this episode, it’s only because this whole episode is so good that it’s hard to pick a single moment to pick a “best” moment. But to see the friends telling stories about the time before they were the “Friends” we all know now, is a funny way of seeing how they look at themselves as adults looking back. More than likely, they weren’t as awkward and gawky as they are shown here.


Season 10: The One With the Late Thanksgiving- Push!


Joey gets his head stuck in a door and literally destroys Thanksgiving dinner while having water balloons stuffed down his pants. While that might just be the craziest sentence I have ever written, it’s also an incredible example of what we all think will go wrong with the holidays. Joey, as I have gotten older, has become my favorite character on Friends because he’s the most secure person in the show. He knows who he is, and never apologizes for it. He’s kind of dim, he’s kind of a womanizer, but he’s also the guy that is there for you no matter what. He’s who The Rembrandts were singing about during the theme song…and then he falls on Thanksgiving dinner, so relatable.


Season 8: The One With the Rumor- Thanksgiving Pants

thanksgiving pants

While this episode get overshadowed by the fact that Brad Pitt is a guest star in this episode (even though, he deserves credit for holding his own with the cast), the absolute best part of this episode is Joey’s agreeing to eat an entire, twenty pound turkey on his own and ends up wearing a pair of maternity pants because jeans “have no give“. I think what I like about this episode so much is it reminds me of my dad, as I’ve actually seen him eat an entire turkey simply because my mom said he couldn’t. My father is nthing if not a man with an iron will (and stomach).

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