Bite, a review

I didn’t know they made a D’Vorah movie!


While on celebrating her bachelorette party abroad, Casey (Elma Begovic) is bitten by a seemingly harmless bug. Over time, she begins to show signs of some type of unknown sickness and starts to wonder if something is off as she starts to lay eggs by the hundreds…

And if I tell you anything more than that, I will have ruined the movie for you.

I was not ready for how much I was going to enjoy this film. The story of a young woman going through a physical and mental change, with a little bit of David Cronenberg thrown in, honestly didn’t sound that impressive to me, never let a first impression be the deciding factor when it comes to film because you may end up missing out on something cool, and then you end up looking like a jackass.

Elma Begovic

While the marketing for this film relied heavily on the gross-out factor when it came to trailers and advertisements, the actual story revolving around Casey and her friends and new fiancée really interested me more than the actual bug stuff. While Casey and her friends interacting with each other is mostly relegated to the opening twenty or thirty minutes, you really get a sense of history between the four main characters played by Elma Begovic, Annette Wozniac, Denise Yuen and Jordan Gray.

But the film almost entirely rests on the shoulders of Begovic and she really is impressive here. I was amazed after watching this movie that I had never heard of Elma before because she deserves a lot of credit for carrying this film. The character of Casey is in virtually every scene of this film, in fact, you barely leave her apartment for the majority of the movie, as the apartment itself is almost a character in its own right. As Casey’s health begins to…change, her apartment becomes more and more distressed as it becomes a nest for her and her children. Honestly, the more humanity Casey loses, the intensity of Elma’s performance gets more and more in your face, demanding full attention.


Bite is directed and written by Chad Archibald and was released in 2015.



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