Tekken 7: Negan gameplay reveal trailer (updated)

I’m going to be upfront with you, I don’t know squat about Tekken or the Walking Dead. It seems like a ridiculous idea to combine those two completely unrelated world, but that is not stopping the guys at Bandai Namco from adding Negan to the second season of dlc fighters of Tekken 7.


On December 3rd, you can purchase Negan and add him to the roster of weird sci-fi martial artists. The trailer hilariously recreates the scene from the comics and TV show that just killed every fans heart when Negan and Lucille made their skull-cracking debut.

One thing to note is that actor Jeffery Dean Morgan, who portrays Negan on the Walking Dead TV show, lends his voice and likeness to the character depicted in Tekken 7. While you see Negan spouting off some of his most infamous lines from the show, it is unknown if JDF actually recorded new dialogue for the game or if the developers are just using recordings of his performance in the Walking Dead. Either way, this is an interesting addition to the Tekken franchise to say the least.

Look at that…taking it like a champ!


Update: So Negan will be added to the second “season” of the dlc for Tekken 7 on December 3rd. As of right now, there is no hard release date for Negan specifically, just the second season. Sorry.

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