Dead by Daylight Charity Case dlc hits consoles today!

Going live today on the Playstation Network and XBOX Live is the Dead by Daylight Charity Case dlc.

This dlc pack was originally released back in 2017 for PC players and can now be purchased and downloaded for console players as well. This dlc pack contains twenty six cosmetic skins and pieces of clothing for both survivors and killer found within the game.

While this dlc may look cool, the best part about this is that 100% of the profits are donated to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation in New York, NY. The foundation is committed to donating money for both grants and scientists in their research regarding mental illness.


As of right now, the players of Dead by Daylight have donated over half a million dollars to the Foundation according to Jeffery Borenstein, M.D. and President and CEO of the BBRF.

To find out more about the Bran and Behavior Research Foundation, check here.

The Dead by Daylight Charity Case dlc will cost $4.99


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