Resident Evil 2: Gameplay Breakdown

I will be honest, I am trying very hard to stay as in the dark as I can about the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 2. The “new” game coming in January of 2019 is a massive remake of the smash 1998 hit video game for the Playstation. But, I could no longer stay away from any types of news or videos of the upcoming survival horror game.

Posted below are two videos, the first from IGN and the second from Gamespot, showcase series protagonists Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield as they make their way the nightmarish streets of a zombie infested Raccoon City.


The first video shows off young Leon Kennedy as he trudges through the waist-deep muck of the Raccoon City sewers. Right off the bat, take note of Leon’s police uniform around his right arm. Old-school gamers will already know that about a third of the way through the game, Leon takes a bullet to the shoulder and gets an unconventional bandage over his clothing instead of over the wound in question. Here though, he has his sleeve torn off and the wound cleaned and dressed. To me, that is a small detail that goes a long way to up the realism in this games world.

We’ve known for a while now that the knife is now a very necessary survival tool as opposed to the first item to be dumped from your inventory. Here you can carry multiple knives in your inventory depending on availability and inventory space. While you can still swipe your knife at downed enemies, you can also use it as a last line of defense in a holy-shit-I’m-about-to-get-bitten-in-the-face-type of situation. It needs to be noted however, that whenever you use your knife in an up-close situation, your knife gets stuck in your attacker, so be sure to check a dead-er zombie to recover your knife.

Towards the end of the video, Leon comes face to face with a boss from the original game that hasn’t made an appearance in the series in the last twenty years. I won’t spoil it here, but if you’re a fan of PS1-era Resident Evil, you’ll recognize it instantly.


As much as I liked the video revolving around Leon’s experience trying to survive the hell that is Raccoon City, the next video features Claire Redfield as she makes her way through the labyrinthine Raccoon City Police Department…with Mr. X in hot pursuit.

Who is Mr. X? Just a big-ass, unrelenting menace in search of the vaccine for the insidious G-Virus who is willing to pound you into a jelly if you so much as look at him.


The real star of this video is the RPD Department itself. It truly is a massive, living and breathing entity that you find yourself traversing while trying to not get your butt bitten. One thing that I really love about what this second video is showcasing is something that I haven’t heard anyone talking about. During the course of the game, you find maps to help aid you in your journey. As you traverse your surroundings the areas that you have searched are highlighted on the map in shades of blue, where unexplored areas are highlighted red. But the best bit is the fact that items that you have picked up and opted not to add to your inventory are displayed on the map (seemingly), making backtracking for key items a lot less stressful. It remains to be seen however if this feature will apply to every item you find, or if it’s dependent on whatever difficulty you play on.

The last thing I will say about both of these videos is the fact that it is not just dark, not just bloody, but friggin violent and every attack does a serious amount of damage to the player character. This game, while being a horror game, it hasn’t forgotten about the survival aspect that Resident Evil 7 gave us. Ammo looks to be more than scarce here.  Zombies can take four bullets to the face without even losing a step and Mr. X will follow you until you put him down (again, seemingly). This game seems to aim to push players to their limits and really amp up the survival aspect that is often overlooked when dealing with survival horror games.


Resident Evil 2 will be released on January 25th, 2019.


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