Honestly, Captain Marvel will be fine…

…because it’s a Marvel movie.

There, I said it. Captain Marvel will be a success, not because of the star power of Brie Larson, not because Captain Marvel is a flagship character in Marvel comics, and not because it might be a film that could empower young girls and boys everywhere; but because it is a Marvel film, and Marvel equals money.

The Captain Marvel trailers released over the last few months have been, to me, just fine. While it seems that everyone on the internet is either praising the trailers for being the greatest thing since the last Marvel trailer we saw, to others feeling that it is underwhelming at best. Most people are just looking at several screen shots of Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel and saying she looks bland and uninterested.


But if you take those single frames and put them in context with the narrative each trailer is giving us, we would see a character who is basically an alien that doesn’t know she’s human, on the lookout for other aliens that are secretly invading our world all while coming to grips with the fact that she has fractured memories/dreams of her possible human existence.

Personally, I don’t care that Brie Larson is playing Captain Marvel in this film. I have only seen her in a single film before now, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, where she played the absolute worst ex-girlfriend ever. But, let’s not forget that she is an Oscar winning actress, that alone should let us know that she has an idea of what she’s doing. While her opinion of “white dudes” leaves a little to be desired, that’s not the issue. More than likely, she is taking this role to further her career and to push forward the image of strong women on movie screens. Also, Marvel may be trying to lure in the same audience that turned Wonder Woman into a massive critical and financial success.

If you’re going to have a problem with this film, have a problem with the arrogance found within the character of Captain Marvel herself. A short clip in the second trailer shows her correcting Nick Fury that she is not just a noble warrior, but a noble warrior hero. She then proceeds to punch space with multiple hadokens.


Juxtapose this with the ending of Wonder Woman, where she says with a straight face that “only love can save the world.”.


While the former looks cool, the latter explains that we all have the ability to change the world. The latter shows us a hero, the former shows us recklessness.

But, Captain Marvel has the benefit of being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a series of films that has grossed over (no joke) seventeen billion dollars. By now, despite what your average youtuber will tell you, these films are not for comic book readers, these films are intended for everyone. The fact that this whole series started with a character like Iron Man, should be all the proof you need. Back in 2008 when this whole thing started, Marvel was not owned by Disney, and they did not have the film rights to flagship/popular characters like Spider-Man or Wolverine. They had characters that were arguably tough sells like Iron Man and Captain America. Before everything was coming up Milhouse for Marvel, they couldn’t rely on characters everyone knows to a certain extent, they had to rely on quality of storytelling, and they nailed it.

Marvel has made franchise winners out of B-list characters like Ant-Man and Black Panther for years now, but the first time they want to make a film where the lead is a girl and people are suddenly torn? This is fucking Marvel we’re talking about here, they make quality films. Film that people, regardless of comic book knowledge, want to see. Do these trailers leave a little to be desired? Yes, but don’t forget that entertainment is subjective. I think this film just looks okay, but my kids are just as excited to see Captain Marvel as they are for Aquaman.

To them, it doesn’t matter that one is a DC and the other is a Marvel, they just want to see a cool movie. They don’t care about the gender of a character. They don’t care how much a movie makes or what the costumes look like. They just want to see a cool story. So when did the wonder of being a child become more adult than actually being an adult? You don’t see kids yelling into their computers about how Marvel is pushing an agenda. They just want to see something cool. And “cool” is something that Marvel Studios has consistently delivered on two to three times a year. And I’m willing to bet that Captain Marvel will be no different.


While Captain Marvel my be (for now) a flat yet arrogant character, this movie isn’t made for me, or even for you. This film is being made to make money by appealing to the widest audience possible. So please, if you don’t want to see Captain Marvel in theaters, don’t try to ruin it for those that do. If you do want to see, don’t tell people that they’re wrong if they didn’t like it. Just see the movie and calm the hell down about it.

One thought on “Honestly, Captain Marvel will be fine…

  1. Nice breakdown. I agree that the MCU is about wide appeal, and they’ve succeeded in that by focusing on casting the right actors and directors and polishing their stories.

    They had to focus on those because they had no widely popular characters to use. Captain Marvel will likely follow the same pattern. It will have a good to great story, acting, and directing. It will make a ton of money because the non-comic fans trust Marvel.


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