Spider-Man PS4 suit guide

So I have been obsessed with the new Spider-Man game on PS4. For the past two weeks, I have played nothing but everyone’s favorite wall-crawling video game. I have unlocked nearly every goodie found within, I’ve played through all three dlc chapters (which are a lot of fun, by the way), and I have actually gotten the coveted Platinum trophy. In all my years of playing video games, I have never cared about trophy hunting, but this game made my love the pursuit of those in-game achievements. One thing that I really loved about this game were the unlockable suits that Spidey can wear throughout the game. Speaking of suits, here is a list of all thirty eight Spider-Man suits that can be unlocked throughout the game. Enjoy.

Advanced Suit

advanced suit

This is the brand new suit featured in this game. While it took a while for me to warm up to it (I still don’t care for the white spider design), when you see the reasons in the story for Peter Parker to have this suit, you’ll (probably) love it.

Classic Suit

classic suit

This is probably the best superhero suit in comic book history. The fact that it has never been permanently altered since its debut in the sixties shows how incredible its design really is.

Classic Suit (Damaged)

classic suit damaged

Same deal as the last suit, but with some heavy damage thanks to a tussle with…the Kingpin of Crime.

Noir Suit

noir suit

Wherever he goes, the wind follows. I have always had a soft spot for the Spider-Man Noir story and to see this guy here just makes me hope for more people to pay attention to his stories.

Scarlet Spider Suit

scarlet spider suit

Everyone’s favorite clone of Peter, Ben Reilly gets his own time to shine with this totally BA representation of Spider-Man in the 90’s.

Spider-Armor MK 2 Suit

spider armor mk 2 suit

So I have never seen this suit before, but from what I have read, Peter Parker devised this suit due to the loss of his spider sense. So that’s pretty cool.

Secret War Suit

secret war suit

While I wouldn’t suggest reading the rebooted Secret War story from 2004 from writer Brian Michael Bendis, seeing a black Spider-Man costume is still pretty cool.

Stark Suit

homecoming suit

Spider-Man: Homecoming gave us our youngest live-action interpretation of Spider-Man yet. Thanks to father figure Tony Stark, our boy has the most tech heavy suit since…ever.

Negative Suit

negative suit

This black and white suit is actually a part of the plot involving an awesome fight between Spidey and one of the games primary villains. I won’t go into it much here, but it’s a cool sight to see.

Electrically Insulated Suit

insulated suit

So, everyone knows that Electro is in this game…right? This might come in handy then. Or maybe it doesn’t. I don’t know, I’ve never used it. But it sure looks cool though.

Spider-Punk Suit

punk suit

Thank you Earth-138 for giving us a Spider-Man that looks like he toured with The Ramones.

Wrestler Suit

wrestler suit

How about a little lucha libre with your Spider-Man? Based on the wrestling gear Peter wore on his match with Crusher Hogan way back in Amazing Fantasy #15. Some artistic license was taken when adapting this suit for the game.

Fear Itself Suit

fear itself suit

I’ll be honest, I have never read the Fear Itself storyline so…this suit look great. But I have never used it since unlocking it in-game.

Stealth “Big Time” Suit

big time suit

Making it’s debut in the comics during the Brand New Day soft reboot of Spider-Man, I have never seen this suit because it came after One More Day…the story that proved that Marvel didn’t give a shit about Spider-Man.

Spider-Armor MK 3 Suit

spider armor mk 3 suit

I love this suit because my three year old son thinks it’s Deadpool. ‘Nuff said.

2099 Suit

2099 suit

The adventures of Miguel O’Hara continue on the PS4…kinda, with this very 90’s blue and red suit of the “future”.

Iron Spider Suit

infiity war suit

I was a little disappointed with the design of the Iron Spider armor found in Avengers Infinity War, but it’s not like I think I can do a better job so, I’m not going to complain too much here.

Velocity Suit

velocity suit

From what I have read, this is another suit that, like the advanced suit, was made specifically for this game. It’s a nice look.

Spider-Armor MK 4 Suit

spider armor mk 4 suit

This suit can be found in the pages of the Superior Spider-Man where Doctor Octopus had taken over Peter Parker’s mind and lived his life through Peter’s body…don’t ask.

Spirit Spider Suit

spirit spider suit

Even though this game already features the Noir suit, I think we all can safely assume that this is the Nicholas Cage suit that we’ve all been waiting years for.

2099 White Suit

2099 white suit

Miguel O’Hara gets an upgrade with this redesign of his classic blue and red suit. This suit was also seen in the pages of the Superior Spider-Man.

Vintage Comic Book Suit

vintage suit

I love this suit! it looks like a Sunday newspaper is running around the streets of New York, pummeling criminals with quick wits and a can-do attitude.

Last Stand Suit

last stand suit

This suit was worn by a much older, dare I say…grizzled, version of Peter Parker that died fighting against the NYPD while visiting the graves of his aunt and uncle.

Undies Suit

undies suit

I don’t ever want to hear about how Spider-Man is the every-man hero of comics ever again. This dudes abs are obviously cut from marble. I would sell a kidney to look like this guy for a day.

Homemade Suit

homemade suit

Making its debut in Captain America: Civil War, the Homemade suit is a nice send up of the Scarlet Spider costume.

ESU Suit

esu suit

This one was almost not worth unlocking, as I had to track down fifty secret photos to get a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. I like it but…here’s a guide so you don’t have to lose too much time over this one.

Anti-*** Suit

anti ock suit

I don’t even want to tell you the name of this suit because it’s a spoiler. I know this game has been out for over three months now, but I just don’t want to risk the emotional punch this suit represents. Trust me, it’s great.

Dark Suit

dark suit

This sleek suit comes to us courtesy of the Black Cat after a series of side missions from her during the main campaign.

Resilient Suit

resillient suit

I have never seen this suit before. But it looks…fine, I guess.

Spider-UK Suit

uk suit

I guess Spider-Man was also a part of Her Magesty’s Secret Service at one point. That’s cool.

Scarlet Spider 2 Suit

scarlet spider 2 suit

A complete reworking of a classic suit that improves upon its original design in virtually every way.

Spider-Armor MK 1 Suit

spider armor mk 1 suit

This is probably my favorite suit in the game. Again, another gem from the 90’s, this suit is often ridiculed by fans for being too heavy for Spider-Man to do what a spider can while forgetting that he is proportionately as strong as a spider. Whatever that means.

Spider Clan Suit

spider clan suit

Holy crap do I love this suit. It’s so much fun seeing this slightly chibi design for Spider-Man razzing a bunch of gun-wielding criminals.

Iron Spider Suit

iron spider suit

This is the Iron Spider Suit that should’ve been in Infinity War. Designed by Tony Stark, this suit is iconic for introducing the extra four arms that protrude from the back of the suit.

Into the Spider-Verse Suit

into the spider verse suit

Seeing an older Peter Parker is something I have been waiting for for a long time now. I can’t wait to see Peter B. Parker on the big screen (no, I haven’t seen Spider-Verse yet…sorry).

Cyborg Spider-Man Suit

cyborg spider suit

This suit is a deep cut for comic book fans as it debuted in the 21st issue of Spider-Man waaaayyyy back in 1992. This look was designed by Erik Larsen, creator of Savage Dragon.

Aaron Aikman Armor Suit

aaron aikman armor suit

Who the hell is Aaron Aikman?

Raimi Suit

raimi spider suit

This look is based on the suit seen in the three Spider-Man films directed by Sam Raimi. Shiny!


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