Captain Marvel gets a new trailer

Okay, so full disclosure, I’m not particularly excited about Captain Marvel. I don’t think this is the movie’s fault, and I don’t blame the directors, or even the star, Brie Larson. This film, which I’m sure will be just fine, has the terrible and fortunate luck of being known as the film that comes out before Avengers: Endgame.

While the premise of Captain Marvel is intriguing, a space soldier is stranded on Earth in the mid-1990’s and finds out about her human origins while trying to stop an impending invasion of shape-shifting aliens, I just have not had much motivation to be intersted in this film because of the just okay tone of the previously released trailers, the bland appeal of it’s star and the feeling of this film being nothing more than Marvel Studios just going though the motions of making yet another (potentially) hit film.


But then a third trailer was released in the very early hours of January 8th, and this new trailer actually does a lot to garner interest from me. For starters, Captain Marvel herself actually seems like more of a person here instead of a vapid cover model. She has a dry sarcasm to her that coveys her years of experience being a Kree soldier. She smiles and seems more sure of herself. Quick glimpses of her character training under the tutelage of the as of yet unnamed character played by Jude Law prove that Captain Marvel has earned her stripes and has nothing to prove to anyone. While this may be considered arrogance by some, I’m thinking she’s both confident in her abilities and exhausted by how many times she will probably have to explain herself and her plight to us unbelieving humans.

While this trailer was a marked improvement upon the previous two, to me, it seems that this is because this third trailer is the most Marvel trailer of the three. It’s full of cool music, humor and bang out action that is the hallmark of most trailers found in Marvel’s trailers that aren’t Captain America. It’s hard not to find yourself smiling at this trailer and the only real negative I can find here is the fact that Captain Marvel’s powers seem to have a weightless feel to them that just looks off. There’s a funny scene in this trailer that shows Captain Marvel explaining her photon blasts to Nick Furry and it just looks and feels like a cgi effect that doesn’t seem to have any real power to them despite their destructive capabilities.


Either way, this trailer does a much better job than the previous two reminding you that this is in fact a film by Marvel Studios and not an imitation of one.


Captain Marvel will hit theaters on March 8th, 2019.

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