Resident Evil 2: One-Shot Demo

So honestly, I have been debating whether or not I should pre-order the remake of Resident Evil 2. Sure, the original games is held in high regard by fans (myself included), and is considered by most to be the best game in the entire Resident Evil series to this day. But, with January 25th and the release of the remake of Resident Evil 2 coming closer, I was starting to wonder about dropping sixty bucks on this game.

Today, Resident Evil developer Capcom dropped a rather unique demo across all platforms. A “one-shot” demo that would give the player seemingly unrestricted access to a small portion of the game…for thirty minutes only.


(if you die, you can start over. But that doesn’t mean that the clock will start over to)

In the demo, you take control of Leon Kennedy, one of two playable characters in the game, as he arrives at the Raccoon City police department. You are told just before the demo begins that Leon and Claire Redfield have been separated and are both taking different routes to the precinct.

Right away you are hit by the familiarity of the RPD of Leon’s surroundings, giving older players almost a feeling of confidence as you might think that you already know your way around. This is a playful ruse on the part of the hardworking developers at Capcom. From the short time I have had with this game, I felt that I knew the lay, I knew the layout, but in reality, I wasn’t ready for Raccoon City.

The world that Leon has found himself in is dark, dirty, uncaring and it doesn’t give a damn about how much ammo you have. Resources in this game are limited. Even though it seemed to me that I found bullets as I needed them, it never felt as if I found enough for what lay ahead. Aiming is tricky in this game. This game is going back to the infamous over-the-shoulder camera of Resident Evil’s 4-6 and I think that that is something of a godsend because your bullets do not have much stopping power. The zombies in this game seem to be bullet sponges that have absolutely zero chill when it comes to you well-being. They are hungry and you are food.

You would think that putting a bullet in a zombie’s brain would do the trick, but I swear, I shot a zombie in the head three times and it just kept coming. I eventually started aiming for their knees, forcing them to fall to the ground so I could make my way around them easier. If it sounds like I breezed through this demo, I did not. I was constantly on the defense and never felt like I had the high ground. There were too many zombies and not enough ammo, not enough time to properly aim and I friggin loved it. This was classic Resident Evil, the kind that I didn’t know I missed.


While the star of the show is Leon Kennedy, police lieutenant Marvin Branagh steals the scenes that he appears in. If you remember the original RE2, you know that Marin is a cop in dire straights. He wounded and slowly dying from blood loss, and in the remake, he isn’t fairing much better. You can see in his eyes that he knows his ticket is about to be punched and all he can do is try to guide Leon to safety before he dies. His scenes are intense and sobering.


As I made my way through the demo, I did happen to notice a few classic locations like the bullpen and the second floor library. I won’t go into what I saw or the differences from the original game here as I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but fans of the series, new and old, are in for a treat.

This demo will be available through January 30th and the game itself will be released on the 25th. So pre-order today!


Stick around after the credits of the demo for an exclusive trailer to Resident Evil 2.

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