just the basics: Walker


The Ruthless English Pirate

Released in 1993


In 1993, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 hit theaters. This film saw the Turtles thrust back in time to the sixteenth century, and somehow ending up in Japan, where they end up in the middle of a war with a rebellious group of farmers and a warlords empire that is struggling to keep with their traditions in the light of ever advancing technology, thanks to an arms dealer who is trying to sell a stock of rifles and cannons to them. In the lead up to writing about this figure, I re-watched the film and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you spend any time on the internet at all, you already know the vitriol and shame thrown at this film. I won’t go into it here, but I will say that you should see it for yourself and don’t let some wannabe film critic form your opinion for you.

Perhaps the best character in this film is a pirate named Walker. An arms dealer heralding from jolly old England, Walker is seemingly desperate to sell arms to the warlord, Norinaga. Walker just does not care for the traditional lifestyle of the samurai and looks at them as if they aren’t worthy enough to lick his boots. And when he sees the Turtles, he honestly couldn’t care less about them or their plight. This guy takes arrogance to a whole new level, and hi figure follows suit. Keeping in suit with the other Turtles figures in the line, Walker sports seven points of articulation, dark and dynamic pirate clothing and a pretty douche-bag looking feather in his cap that just oozes class. Unfortunately, I don’t have the accessories for the “Movie 3” figures as I only recently got them. But from what I’ve seen online, Walker and the rest of the figures come with a pretty expansive cache of weapons. Quite possibly the best feature of this figure is his head sculp. While it doesn’t bear much resemblance to actor Stuart Wilson, who portrayed Walker in the film, but his sculpt literally shows him looking down at all of the other characters in front of him. He literally could care less if you are in his way. He just wants to get paid.

My only real complaint for this figure, and the Movie 3 series as a whole, is that we never got more figures featuring Walkers’ crew of pirating arms dealers to have the Turtles tussle in time with.



Turtle Trivia: The animatronics for the Turtles suits were handled by the All-Effects Company. They were also responsible for another massively popular animatronic figure back in the 90’s; the Energizer Bunny.



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