Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer breakdown

So spoilers for…I don’t know anymore. Avengers Endgame isn’t even out yet and we’re getting a trailer for a movie that comes out just weeks afterwards and it potentially contains spoilers for the next Avengers movie. I mean, we all know that everything is going to be alright, but couldn’t this movie have come out in September instead of July? Couldn’t we have believed that Spider-Man was dead for just a bit longer? Oh well, Sony already told us that this film would pick up just after Avengers 4 ends so, I guess I shouldn’t really being concerned with spoilers.

Besides, this is all based off Marvel comic books, and no one dies in comic books.



Three seconds in and we can already see that Spidey is no long resting in a dust pan and is giving some kind of speech, perhaps accepting an award. Wouldn’t it be cool if he were at some kids birthday party? He’d have to be a bigger hit than Iron Man.




Four seconds in and I am very happy to see that this movie isn’t going to shy away from aunt May knowing that Peter Parker is Spider-Man (spoilers). It would be really tired and disrespectful to May’s character for her not to know by now. As far as movies are concerned, this is uncharted territory and I like it.



Thirty one seconds in and we get a blink and you’ll miss it glimpse at Peter Parker’s passport. While this blatant invasion of Peter’s privacy probably means nothing, that won’t stop internet “sleuths” from trying to figure out what significance this one shot has in terms of it’s placement in the overall MCU. Does it take place after Avengers Endgame, is it before? Does this film take place in an alternate universe or has reality been rewritten? I don’t know, and no one else does either. But hey, there’s a cool reference to Amazing Fantasy hidden here…somewhere.



Thirty three seconds in and Peter has reservations about taking his Spidey suit on a school trip to Europe. Ultimately deciding to leave it behind, understandably wanting a break from being Spider-Man.



Thirty nine seconds in and we have confirmation that Uncle Ben is still dead. Moving on.



“You look really pretty.” Peter says.

“Therefore I have value?” MJ says.

Please, stop writing dialogue like this. It’s boring…but it does makes sense for Michelle to say that. She is kind of a ball-breaker. Plus it’s cool to see a possible spark between these two kids.



One minute in and…Ned…Ned are you okay?



One minute and nine seconds in an…Holy Shit, Nick Fury’s alive!!!! And he shot a kid!



Here is our first look at a new suit for Spidey. I’m really digging these black and red threads.



Uhh…is that Sandman?



Holy crap, is that the Molten Man?



So does he think the wind smells like rain?



Oh my God…Hydro Man!?



One minute and fifty seven seconds in and this trailer knocks us on our ass with our first official look t Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. At least, I’m going to assume that he’s Mysterio.


Yep, Jarhead is definitely playing Mysterio.



Here we see a final shot of Peter’s class at a swanky hotel in Italy watching Mysterio and possibly Spider-man on the news. And then Flash Thompson call Peter a dick wad.


To which Peter accepts as canon.


This trailer was a fun, lighthearted and energetic look at the continuing adventures of Spider-Man. I really like it , much more than I though I would, in fact. While I think this movie is releasing too close to Avengers 4, I don’t make movies for a living and thus don’t believe I know better than a bunch of people responsible for most of the pop culture we live in today.

Spider-Man: Far From Home releases in the US on July 5th, 2019.





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