TMNT board game Kickstarter campaign is live from IDW Games

A couple of years ago we were treated to a board game of epic proportions from IDW Games called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past. Last year, we recieved another standalone board game from IDW called Showdown which centered on the Turtles battle against Bebop and Rocksteady. While there were expansion packs focusing on Casey Jones and April O’Neil were also available, it has been a while since we’ve seen anything from IDW Games.


Today, that all changes.

A brand new Kickstarter campaign has gone live touting several returning and even more fan-favorite characters. Several board games are being prepped for release if the guys at IDW Games can reach their goal of $200,000.00.

The first game in the four that are being released is called Change is Constant. This game is based on the first volume of the IDW TMNT comics, which saw the Turtles throwing down against franchise villain Baxter Stockman.


This dice and card game will feature new playable characters that range from the Turtles, to Baxter and Old Hob, among others.

The next game in the series is The Stan Sakai Box. This game will feature the rabbit ronin himself, Usagi Yojimbo. The player figures include Usagai, as well as the four Turtles based on designs drawn by Stan Sakai that made there way to his collaboration with IDW and Kevin Eastman.


The third game is City Fall. This game is based on the story of the same name from IDW. This game features characters like Angel Bridge and Slash as well as villains like Hun and the brainwashed “Chunin” Leonardo(!). This expansion is of a particular interest to me because it is based on the storyline that introduced me to IDW’s TMNT comic books.


And finally we have the Kickstarter exclusive Deviations Box. This game will tell the alternate tale of the Turtles, after being brainwashed by Shredder, as they hunt down their former master and father, Splinter. This game will feature the Dark Turtles and an exclusive version of Slash.


Each board game will feature boards, figures and cards that are specific to each box. Now it should be known that if you are planning on backing this Kickstarter, you will have to buy the games in bundles.

The first bundle will include Change is Constant, the Stan Sakai Box, and the exclusive Loner Raphael figure. This bundle will require a pledge of $125.00 dollars.


The second bundle will include the City Fall game, The Deviations Box and the Kickstarter exclusive figure Savage Slash.


Finally, there is a third bundle called All the Loot which will include everything listed above, as well as an ultra-exclusive figure that will only be available via Kickstarter. The All the Loot bundle will feature an exclusive Scratch figure based on his design from the 1993 figure released by Playmates Toys.


There is also a Kevin Eastman Sketches Bundle that includes everything listed above plus the added stretch goals.This Kickstarter campaign does not come cheap with pledges starting at $125.00 and reaching up to $500.00 for the top tier pledges. Honestly, I may be biased, but if you’re a fan of the Turtles or IDW games, I believe the price is worth it.


If you interested, check here for further details. This campaign will be live on Kickstarter through Friday, February 8th.

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