Captain America and Adaptability

So I think we’re all fans of what Disney and Marvel studios have done with movies nowadays, right? While I really hope the lesson movie studios would unlearn from the MCU is that everything has to be part of a cinematic universe, you can’t deny both their popularity and their contribution to the film industry. […]

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Aquaman surpasses one billion

You read that right, despite being knocked down to second place since its release back in December, Aquaman has rocketed past the one billion dollar mark at the international box office. With an estimated worldwide gross of $1,020,261,781, Aquaman not only becomes another member of the coveted billion dollar club, but the films has also […]

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just the basics: Whit

Whit The Turtle Tossin’ Double Crossin’ Spy Released in 1993   I’m going to be honest here, I had no idea this figure existed until earlier this year (2018).  It’s not like he had a release along with the Movie 3 action figures…even though he was a part of that line. Whit was actually a […]

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Resident Evil 2: One-Shot Demo

So honestly, I have been debating whether or not I should pre-order the remake of Resident Evil 2. Sure, the original games is held in high regard by fans (myself included), and is considered by most to be the best game in the entire Resident Evil series to this day. But, with January 25th and […]

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just the basics: Robotic Bebop and Rocksteady

Robotic Bebop                                                        Robotic Rocksteady The Metallic Maniac with the Ugly Mug            The Sinister Steel-Jointed Thug Released in 1993                                                      Released in 1993     I’m going to be honest here, these next two figures veer dangerously to crossing my no variants rule for these retrospectives, but they are based on characters seen in the original […]

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Batman v Spider-Man

So Spider-Man on PS4 really took me by surprise. During my first few hours of playing, I wasn’t a fan of Spidey’s new game. I felt very frustrated that I was terrible at web slinging, I couldn’t get a handle on the combat and gadgets and I felt lucky whenever I took down a boss. […]

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Captain Marvel gets a new trailer

Okay, so full disclosure, I’m not particularly excited about Captain Marvel. I don’t think this is the movie’s fault, and I don’t blame the directors, or even the star, Brie Larson. This film, which I’m sure will be just fine, has the terrible and fortunate luck of being known as the film that comes out […]

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