Donatello statue from PCS Collectibles available for pre-order

To a collector of a certain age, there is no better incarnation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles than that of the animated series that debuted back in 1987. Something about the designs, the voices, the crazy and hilarious circumstances the Turtles found themselves in is often emulated and never replicated. But the people over at Pop Culture Shock Collectibles do a damn good job at nailing the visuals of that late 80’s gem.


A brand new Donatello quarter (1/4) scale statue is up for pre-order now, and you’ve got two variants to choose from. This new polystone statue comes fixed on a detailed robotic base and is sculpted as if it’s about to leap off into battle. While the standard issue statue is incredible enough, there is also and exclusive edition that will be slightly more ambitious than the last.

The exclusive edition will come with an alternate pair of arms to increase the amount of poseablility, but it will also come with an alternate, smiling head that more closely emulates that 80’s style we all know and love.While the exclusive edition is much more limited than the standard statue (only 250 pieces), it should be noted that both statues will have the same price at “only” $500.00.


If you’re interested, check out the pre-order info for the standard edition here. Or if you’re really serious about your polystone statues, check out the pre-order for the exclusive edition here.

The standard edition of the Donatello statue is also available at


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