NECA Shredder 1/4 scale figure up for pre-order

The leader of the Foot Clan will finally make his presence known…sometime this year. The quarter scale TMNT figures based on the 1990 film were some of the best looking action figures to be produced by NECA toys as well as some of the best looking TMNT figures period.


They made “best of” lists all over the internet, and whatever your opinion of NECA and their lax views on quality control, everyone had to admit that the quarter scale figures were truly something special.


Now it’s time for the Shredder get the spotlight with a quarter scale figure that will loom over your shelf at a staggering eighteen inches tall, alternate weapons, a removable mask and that crazy looking zebra-stripe cape that he wore that one time.

There is also a quarter scale Foot Soldier up for pre-order as well. You can find both figures available at Big Bad Toy Store. The Shredder has a release window of 2nd quarter, 2019.


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