Casey Jones and Shredder statues are available for pre-order

Over the last three years, Australian-based collectible company, Ikon Collectibles has been slowly (so…slowly) giving us some incredible thirteen inch, resin statues based on the designs found in the iconic 80’s animated series, further proving that shows longevity and inspiration.

Well, the good folks over at Ikon have given us our first look at the brand new Casey Jones and Shredder statues available for Pre-order now.


Both statues will stand tall at thirteen inches and come fixed on a manhole base that reads “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” in that classic 80’s script. While Shredder still wears his iconic grey and black with silver armor, he also sports his famous and ever-present purple cape that further proves his badassery (honestly, who walks around in purple).

Casey Jones will also come equipped with his classic gear like the half shoulder pad, hockey stick and golf bag of holding, filled with various sporting goods.


However, these statues don’t come cheap and are a serious investment for only the least frugal collector out there. Touting a hefty $230.00 price tag, some serious consideration must be taken before hitting the “buy it now” button at your local online retailer.

Either way, these statues are a blast for any collector to add to their collection. If you’re interested, you can find these and other great TMNT toys at Big Bad Toy Store.

For more, pre-order here.


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