massive Batman statue up for pre-order

You know, I don’t really buy statues, but if I had the room to properly display a decent art piece (and a few thousand to just throw away) I would diffinitely consider picking up the new one sixth scale diorama Batman- Sanity statue from XM Studios.

Featuring a concept created by comic book artist David Finch (The New Avengers), XM Studios is opening up two pre-orders for a massive statue featuring the Dark Knight Detective himself surrounded by some of his most popular and classic villains. From Joker to Catwoman, the villains present and their classic attire brings about shades of the 90’s Batman animated series to me, while Batman is more inspired by his current look in the comics.

This statue will be availble in two variants to purchase. While a colored version of this statue will be limited to 388 pieces, there is also a “smoke” version of the statue available the will be limited to 108 pieces. The smoke variant of the statue is a massive, cold-cast porcelain piece that is colored in various shades of black and gray with a slightly more detailed sculpt to project more texture and provide a detail that can rival the colored version.

It should be noted that every image presented her and on XM Studios’ website is a prototype and may have some differences to the actual retail version.

Here’s the kicker, this statue is going to be sold for well over three thousand dollars. ($3,499.00)…and I can’t tell you to spend you money on this thing. I’m certainly not going to. I’m sure that there are some millionaire collectors out there that are going to pick this up and love it, and that is great. I’m not here to tell you what to spend your money on, but, well if you’re interested in spending almost four grand on Batman, you can pre-order this statue at Big Bad Toy Store or other online retailers.

The limited Smoke edition of the diorama is available only at XM Studios website, along with the colored version.


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