Ghost Face official reveal trailer breakdown

There has been a lot of talk recently about the infamous slasher Ghostface joining the ranks of Dead by Daylight’s killers. It was leaked a few weeks ago that the killer from the Scream film franchise would be making his debut some time this summer. New killers, survivors and maps are added to the game every three months and Ghost face is a guy that fans of DbD have been clamoring for for a long while now.

Whether the leaks of his inclusion were legit leaks or not is a bit of a moot point. With the upcoming third anniversary celebration this Friday, a trailer was released today teasing what we’ll be in store for this Friday when we get more info about Ghost Face.


The trailer is a fun change of pace for the franchise. While Ghost Face is still a killer, the ones found in the game proper are lacking the fun element that most fans give them, which is incredibly missing from someone like Freddy Kreuger (the nightmare), a killer known for being as funny as he is deadly.

It’s interesting to note that while this killer is called “Ghost Face”, he may not be “Ghostface”, the killer from the Scream film franchise. The actual Ghost Face mask was a product that existed before the Scream films, and is still owned today by Fun World (Easter Unlimited inc.). Behaviour Interactive may have pulled a fast one on us and just got the license for the mask and not the character from the films. Only time, and the inclusion of a map and survivor, will tell.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Ghost Face mask for yourself, here’s a link.



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