Resident Evil 5 and hindsight

The survival-horror franchise Resident Evil is the reason, I believe, I became a gamer. A series about somewhat average men and women thrust into a no-win situation of zombie variety really made me love what games could and should be. No longer were games about running from left to right, jumping on or punching through […]

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Military Life: Tired

This series of posts is meant to give you guys my experiences within and outside of the military. While I still haven’t mentioned basic training (it’s coming, I promise), there is one thing that I just can’t explain to you…being tired. Ever since I got out of the Army, I have had less and less […]

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The DCEU to be split in two…

It’s hard being a fan of DC movies nowadays. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal to say that you’re a fan of a certain movie. Honestly, I shouldn’t have to defend the fact that I think Batman v Superman (director’s cut) is an amazing film that finally let me see Batman and Superman […]

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