Someone wants a female joker, and then the internet happened

Writer Geraldine DeRuiter went to twitter yesterday and put out a pretty interesting idea for one of comic books most famous villains.

Boredpanda reported yesterday a tweet from the writer focusing on her pitch for a female Joker that would see a woman going crazy after being told to smile too many times. While the origin is kind of weak, what would happen afterwards is where things get interesting.


Seeing any character, regardless of gender, take a fight to an overwhelming society is something that I can get behind. Where this whole thing goes pear-shaped is when people responded to the proposed gender-swap. Many guys were laughing at the idea of a woman terrorizing a whole city. Many just said it was a bad idea, some even thought to respond with the female version of Joker that is Martha Wayne from the Flashpoint series. While some of the responses were fine from outsider looking in, some were silly and mean and really played into the fact that some people should just stay off twitter or learn to just let some things go.

But then the conversation kept going and Geraldine’s true intentions were made clear. She didn’t want to make a proposal for a female Joker, she wanted to make guys act stupid (which they did, way to play into the stereotype guys).


Okay so this woman put something on twitter to start some shit and guys played into it. Geraldine does not care about seeing a female Joker, she just wanted to laugh at some guys for an afternoon. Both parties are being incredibly stupid right now. First of all, we shouldn’t want a female Joker because what woman would want to be known for dressing up as that one guy we know from Gotham? Make a female villain that has the same origin and motivation and build a strong character from the ground up, one that we can sympathize with and possibly even identify with.Or make a female Joker that eventually runs into the real Joker and watch as hilarity ensues.

The whole point of this female Joker thing wasn’t to introduce a new take on a much-loved character, it was to bring more attention to a writer’s twitter account. Everyone, including me to some extent, is playing into that. So my advice to anyone reading this, is to just let some shit slide. Know when someone is putting an honest idea out there, and when someone is trying to bully others. And this is bullying…


And this is  bait…


And Geraldine DeRuiter, it;s okay if people tell you that the whole female Joker thing has happened before. Some people just like telling people things.



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