Avengers game set to release in May 2020

Square Enix has been toiling away on an Avengers game for years now and all we’ve had to take as confirmation of this was a small teaser trailer released about two years ago. The original teaser was little more than a good faith offer that someone was working on something involving the Avengers. Well, yesterday, at E3, we got out first look at a gameplay trailer featuring the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and probably a short list of other Disney-approved heroes.


The trailer, as a concept, works very well. It shows that the player will get to possibly choose their own Avenger and take part in a multi-sided mission involving a bridge collapse in San Fransisco, many stranded civilians, an exploding Helicarrier and…Taskmaster?


I’m going to be honest with you here, I think this trailer is very underwhelming. I’m no developer and I don’t want to take anything away from their hard work, but this trailer looks so detailed and cluttered that it hurts the eye to take it all in. I get a lot of Bloodborne vibes from it where everything is so detailed that it just looks ugly. Plus, I’m really tired of everything needing to resemble the MCU. I know that Marvel makes the bulk of it’s income from the movie side of things, but that should be an incentive to shake things up a bit since your bread and butter doesn’t come from comic book readers anymore.

(plus I’m not a fan that this game is seemingly telling an Endgame-style story instead of something wholly original)

All of my feelings about this trailer are kind of shut down when the cast was revealed yesterday. Nolan North, Laura Bailey and Troy Baker need no introduction and can be guaranteed not to phone in a performance in search of a paycheck. Troy Baker’s excitement for playing Bruce Banner is incredibly infectious when you find out he’s never portrayed Banner before.

Avengers has a targeted release date of May 2020 but is not yet available for pre-order.

Oh, and apparently, the crowd at E3 was loudly chanting “Where’s Hawkeye” and the developers almost shit themselves. #whereshawkeye


2 thoughts on “Avengers game set to release in May 2020

  1. I’m kind of sad only 5 characters are available at launch. It makes sense because they have voice actors and a full plot line planned around them, but there are quite a few people I would rather play as in the MCU than these guys.


    1. I’m thinking there will be more characters in the game, but who knows. There could be dlc, or they could be trying to keep the cast small and focus on the core characters while expanding the roster in future sequels. Unfortunately, games take so long to make, will we still have an interest?

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