The DCEU to be split in two…

It’s hard being a fan of DC movies nowadays. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal to say that you’re a fan of a certain movie. Honestly, I shouldn’t have to defend the fact that I think Batman v Superman (director’s cut) is an amazing film that finally let me see Batman and Superman share the screen. But as the years go by, and Warner Bros. continues to move forward on their version of the comic book cinematic universe that Marvel has been made more and more famous for, the already shaky foundations for DC Films is really just looking more and more confusing and, honestly, it’s getting exhausting hearing about the “plans” Warner and DC have.


It’s been reported by, that Warner Bros. is still diving headfirst into the cinematic universe game. From the outside looking in, this is great news as recent releases such as Aquaman and Shazam were big money-makers for the studios involved, as well as being hits with audiences. 2017’s Wonder Woman is getting a sequel in 2020 (Wonder Woman 1984), 2020’s Birds of Prey has already wrapped production and James Gunn is gearing up to write and direct a sequel/reboot to 2016’s Suicide Squad.


But if you dig a little deeper, everything I have mentioned so far is only going to be one side of the cinematic coin. Warner Bros. will also be relaunching their shared cinematic universe, featuring new heroes, new stories, new casts and a fresh take on the superhero film…while the previously established film universe is off to one side, doing it’s own thing.


This newer, younger and hotter cinematic universe that does stuff the older cinematic universe won’t will have films like Supergirl, The Batman…maybe Superman, but without Henry Cavill.


Add to that the mystery that is the Todd Phillips-directed Joker film being entirely disconnected from pretty much every movie ever made, and what you have left is a very confused movie goer wondering just how hard it is to make films about literally the greatest characters in all of fiction ever created in the history of EVER.


That may sound harsh, and I will reiterate my previous statements of having never made a movie before and having no real knowledge of the film making process, but seriously, Warner Bros. why are you doing this? Why two continuities? Is this some kind of elaborate ploy to justify the Flashpoint movie that is coming…someday? Does Warner Bros. want to compete with Marvel Studios that badly after they’ve pretty much ended their cinematic universe?

Well, Marvel ended the parts of their cinematic universe that mattered.


I know that the general movie going audience, the audience that really makes these type of movies successful, but isn’t anyone concerned about the potential and inevitable confusion of seeing two Supermans onscreen and wondering why the hell a Cyborg movie has happened yet (I’m sorry Ray Fisher)?

And where the hell is Darkseid? It’s 2026 and we’re still making sure all these movies take place in Gotham!?


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