the man who ate everything

I can remember being able to eat a lot while I was growing up. My mother would often complain about my “bottomless pit” of a stomach, as well as the skyrocketing price of food in the 90’s. As a parent myself, I am often confused as to how kids just want to sit around and […]

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top 5 scary short films

I love horror movies. But being a dad with small children, I don’t necessarily have the time to watch a ninety minute movie without some kid walking in at the absolute worst moment. So, if you’re like me, you’ve got about an hour of “quiet” time a day to watch something that doesn’t star an […]

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TMNT Arcade Game announced at E3

It was announced yesterday that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Game from 1988 will be re-released this year from Arcade1UP. That’s right, a physical, stand-up reproduction arcade-perfect port of the original TMNT arcade game will be released later this year…and it will also feature Turtles in Time. While no pre-order details have been announced, […]

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the best big trucks in movies

Maybe it’s a guy thing, maybe it’s my fondness for the Tonka Trucks of old, but I have always loved big trucks. Not the latest Ford or Dodge that anyone can walk into a dealer and buy, but the massive long-haul trucks we see barreling down the highway everyday without a second’s thought. I cannot […]

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Military Life: Killing

So this may be kind of a touchy subject for many people reading this or at least skimming the headline and judging too quickly. I can’t speak for every branch of the military, and I really couldn’t tell what some drill sergeant is going to saw to a new private entering basic training nowadays, but […]

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