Potential Spider-Trouble for the MCU

So everybody loves Spider-Man right now and with the MCU on something of an eleven year winning streak people are lining up in droves to mindlessly blab about how the latest Spider-Flick is the best thing since sliced bread. Even I can’t deny the success of the amazing Sony-Man as his latest big screen effort has raked in well over five hundred million dollars at the worldwide box office.To many of us, myself included, it looks as if everything is coming up Milhouse for Marvel and Disney…


But a recent article from MovieWeb has let it slip that there is something of an inside baseball-like report from within the film industry that states that Sony will regain full control of Spider-Man and all of his associated characters if Spider-Man Far From Home does not cross the billion dollar mark.

Pause for hysterical laughter.

There is no evidence that this report actually exists and I think if a film like Captain Marvel can make a billion dollars, any film can. There is absolutely no way that Disney will let this film make anything less than one billion at the worldwide box office. Trust me, in a month’s time, we’ll be celebrating the latest entry in the billion dollar club.


It’s kind of hilarious though that the trailers to Far From Home seem to be hinting that Spider-Man is going to be the next Iron Man as Spidey is seen looking sad, wearing Tony’s glasses and dressing like RDJ at movie premieres.


I understand that movies are a laborious process, involving hundreds, if not thousands, of people working at their best in order to give us a two hour product that will be nitpicked and agonized over by idiots like me that didn’t even want to see the movie, but if everything falls apart, and Marvel has to give Spider-Man back to Sony, hopefully they will have learned to not put the cart before the horse.

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