Is Aquaman fat?

So I’m just going to say this one time, it’s hard being in shape. I was in shape once and it was the most excruciating time of my life. Going to the gym, five days a week, two hours a day left me with no social life, very little money and few interactions with people outside of work. It was hard figuring out how much of what type of protein/carb to eat and when to eat it. I was miserable waking up to busted joints and sore muscles but I went ahead and did it anyway because it was something I wanted to do.

And I’m just a guy with a website, not the face of a billion-dollar franchise resting on my shoulders.


A photo of Jason Momoa, also on, has been making the rounds online over the last couple of days. It’s a candid photo, that I doubt he knew was being taken, of the actor on vacation, at a pool. In the photo, while still looking like the Samoan god of the sea that he is, Momoa seems to have been taking a well-deserved break from the high stakes world of action films, and people have taken to twitter to publicly call out the guy for not looking good enough.


Okay so, none of us know the pressure this guy is probably under, and we would be stupid to assume that we do. But what we all can and should make sure to do is not openly call out someone for living up to our personal standards of beauty and fitness. If you’re going to enjoy the safety of keyboard warrior-ing and calling someone you don’t know fat, then you’re a trash person who need to understand when you’re being an asshole. Honestly, be an adult and understand that this guy is an actor  with a life and pressures that we’re not a part of. Let this guy be and take this as a bit of advice to leave people alone about their appearance.

Twitter drives me crazy man.

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