Tim Miller is now defending fans?

Tim Miller strikes again.

So, a couple of days ago I wrote about an interview with director Tim Miller and his views about guys that didn’t like a trailer to a film he directed. He blindly labeled them as misogynists and called it a day. But when it comes to a film that he’s just a producer, he’s all about listening to fans that haven’t seen the film yet.


Not long ago, the Sonic the Hedgehog film came under fire (unfairly, in my opinion) for the design of the titular hedgehog. Complaints were so sudden and fierce that post production on the film came to a halt and the staff and crew were given the order to completely redesign Sonic six months before the film was set to release in theaters.

Sonic will now be released on February 14th, 2020. But Producer Tim Miller told Sonic director Jeff Fowler that he should just nut up and say he “Fucked up”. Here’s the quote from a Variety interview…which is an expansion of the same interview about the whole Terminator debacle.


Look, I was with fans and so was Jeff. When the s**t hit the fan, I went over there and said, ‘The most important thing to do, man, is say, ‘I f**ked up.” Miller said. “He’d already sent a tweet out an hour before I got there. He’s a good man. It was exactly the right way to handle that. The fans have a voice in this too. There’s a right way to listen

So when it comes down to it, as long as it’s not a film he’s directing, Tim Miller is all about listening to fans and their views. But if it’s a film he’s directing, and has more at stake in, he labels men as misogynists and tells them where to stick it. Tim Miller doesn’t care about the views of fans, he cares about selling a product. I can understand this to a point, because if I were a director, I would want everyone to see my film. But don’t change your narrative because you have less invested in one product with your name on it.

A real creator goes to bat for their decisions. Even if it was the wrong one to make, you need to stand by the fact that you make both good and bad choices. It’s called being human. I may be a less than nothing writer online in a sea of nameless writers, but I will not let myself become a hypocrite to sell a product and push a spiteful narrative.

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