Massive NECA TMNT toy display at SDCC 2019

So for something like, I don’t know, thirty four comic cons now, NECA toys has been displaying their proposed line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures ripped directly from the 1987 TMNT animated series (aka…the best one). While I give NECA a hard time for displaying figures they seemingly had no real intention of selling, it should be noted that this year, it seems legit.

With the release of their the Target exclusive TMNT two-packs based on the animated series (that were still little more than palate swaps of their arcade Turtles released in 2016), it would seem that NECA finally acquiered the license approval necessary to produce these figures for sale.

Yesterday, NECA showcased some incredible looking figures of classic Turtles characters, some of which we have never seen before in action figure form. While we were treated to characters that have been teased to us many times over the past handful of years like the dynamic duo of Bebop and Rocksteady, we got our first look at figures like…


Casey Jones, April O’Neil, Slash, MetalHead, Roadkill Rodney…






…and perhaps my favorite reveal of all, an Ultimate Foot Soldier pack that will include many, many weapons and alternate heads including a security guard alternate and, for the first time ever, Alpha One.



Of course, the release date is still pending, but you can get a closer look at these figures in the video below from toy collector extraordinaire, Pixel Dan. You can also see more at


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