Not-Exclusive: Sophie Campbell to take over IDW’s TMNT comic

Every now and then, Twitter will be used as a force for good.

Veteran writer and artist Sophie Campbell took to twitter yesterday to let us all know that she will be taking over as writer and artist for an upcoming storyline for IDW Publishing’s ongoing TMNT comic book with issue #101.


Sophie Campbell has been a mainstay of the IDW Turtles series, providing both scripts and artwork, since 2012’s Leonardo micro-series issue. Since then, she has provided possibly the most definitive stories dealing with Karai and her band of misfit mutant henchmen.

As of issue one hundred and one, Sophie Campbell will take over for series writer Tom Waltz (who deserve a break) as well as serve as the main artist for the first storyline after the current City at War story arc. There’s no telling how long Sophie’s work with the TMNT will continue, nor is there any word on how long Waltz will be away from the series. But I’m pretty confident that the Turtles, and the fans, are in very capable hands for the foreseeable future.


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