Friday the 13th vs Dead by Daylight, part one

Okay, Friday the 13th: The Game verses Dead by Daylight, two asymmetrical, online horror games that are constantly compared to each other, are at an interesting point in their gaming lifetime. Friday the 13th is arguably on to greener pastures thanks to a copyright lawsuit that saw development of the game get stalled, and Dead by Daylight just celebrated their third successful year of ongoing development, is becoming increasingly more competitive. But which game is more fun to play? Which is really worth your time, and which game will stand the test of time?

What’s the point?

Friday the 13th


Each online match will pit seven camp counselors against a randomly chosen player as Jason Voorhees. You’ll have twenty minutes to survive Jason’s onslaught. While playing as a camp counselor, you have several options to “win” a given match against the hockey-masked, kill crazy mamma’s boy. You have the option to fix one of two broken down cars found throughout the map, or you can repair a boat and risk crossing Crystal Lake while attempting to dodge a water-based psychopath. You can also try to repair a busted fuse box, repairing a phone, and calling the police, and walking out of the map after a five minute waiting period. Or you can just hide under a bed for twenty minutes and pray that Jason doesn’t find you before the twenty minute match is over. There is also a very rare chance that you can kill Jason, but this requires a lot of teamwork, and based on my own experience, most people playing this game have a very “lone wolf” mentality when it comes to surviving.

Dead by Daylight


While there is no time limit to any of the online matches seen here, there is really only one way to survive a match here; you and three other survivors are tasked with repairing five generators, which will power one of two locked gates that will lead to the relative safety of an endless woods where our hapless survivors await their inevitable, and reoccurring, demise. While it may seem a little lame to only have one means of escape, the real fun of these matches is dealing with the stress of knowing that one of sixteen killers is out there somewhere within the map. There is also the possibility of escaping through a randomly generated (and locked) hatch that will open up if you are the last survivor, but if the killer finds it first, they can close it, forcing you to choose one of two exits to open, giving you some semblance of a chance at survival. Oh, and there’s also this rampant belief amongst survivors that disconnecting from a match before you’re killed is a reliable method of “winning”. If you do this, you’re a terrible person.

Who are you?

Friday the 13th

As a camp counselor, you fill the role of a hilariously stereotypical teenager that had the bad luck of being stuck on Camp Crystal Lake, seriously, no one pays attantion to the mountainous pile of dead bodies everywhere around camp? It’s been thirty nine years kids, stay up on current events. There are fourteen counselors for you to choose from, many of whom were inspired by, or are directly from, the many entries in the iconic F13 film franchise. Each counselor has their specific strengths and weaknesses, some are physically weak but fast, others are timid but smart, but all of them can have the deck stacked in their favor thanks to a perk system that is based on experience points gained throughout play. Everyone has the ability to gain a host of perks that can help you survive the night by being able to repair cars faster or remain undetected while hiding. All perks are shared amongst all survivors, but you can only have three perks at a given time, and each perk has four “variants”, increasing their efficacy. So get ready to spend a bunch of points trying to find that legendary “tinkerer” perk.

Oh, one more thing; AJ is best girl.


Dead by Daylight

The various survivors found within Dead by Daylight are forced to compete in a deadly game of cat and mouse against a ruthless, and often mind controlled, killer. The goal of the survivors is to…well, survive. Surviving is no easy feat as you have no way of defending yourself outside of smacking a killer with a wooden palate, running in circles, running in loops around wooden crates or wooden boats or wooden trees, this game has a thing about wood being uber-powerful, but all of this pales in comparison to the light saber-like flashlights that can be found and unlocked throughout the game. There’s also tea-bagging, which must hurt the killer in some way because I see it a lot. Like Friday the 13th, each survivor has perks that can be unlocked by earning experience points (blood points) from the Blood Web, a randomly generating list of perks and add-ons that can aid you in a match. Some perks and add-ons can make you much harder to track, while others can make your repairing speed go through the roof. Many of the perks are specific to certain survivors, but as you level up your character (up to level 50) you can unlock Teachable Perks which will let you “teach” a character specific perk, like Self-Care, to any survivor. It should be noted that while your blood points earned at the end of every match are shared between every character (including killers), each character has to be leveled up individually. Meaning you’re going to be grinding a lot in this game.

Oh, and Jane is best girl.


Who are you running from?

Friday the 13th

Duh, Jason. Jason Voorhees is nigh unstoppable powerhouse of a killer. As iconic as you may think this bad boy is, playing as him in a match is tons of fun. The player can choose between eight (technically) nine versions of Jason, as seen in the various Friday the 13th films. Each version of Jason has their own unique set of skills. While all of them have the same basic attacks and resources, including bear traps and throwing knives, each Jason is slightly different. Jason from Friday the 13th Part 2 is faster and has more throwing knives than, say, Jason from Part 8, who is slower, has less traps, but is stronger and is able to break through barricades much faster.Add to that the fact that you can now swap weapons between the various Jason’s and a virtual invulnerability effect as the match continues, and you have a killer that is incredibly stressful to face, no matter how many of your party are working together. With that being said, of course, the odds can be stacked in your favor, as even the fastest Jason is much slower than your slowest counselor. You can fight back against Jason if he doesn’t really know what he’s doing or is going at you without a plan. Add a couple of shotguns and baseball bats that litter the map, and you may have your hands full if you’re doing little more than lumbering around the camp.


Check out Part 2 of this heated debate tomorrow as we take a look at the various killers found within Dead by Daylight.

spoilers: Huntress is best girl.


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