Mikey as Batman action figure review

Okay so Gamestop has some exclusive Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures coming our way over the next four months, but this San Diego Comic Con exclusive Mikey as Batman action figure is our first glimpse into what will be coming from DC Collectibles. And if the quality of this figure is any kind of indication, I’d say we’re in for a real treat.


Taking inspiration from, arguably, the funniest scene in the film, Michelangelo has Deebo-ed Batman’s cape and cowl as he commandeers a dinosaur and fights Robin. It’s a great scene that reminds the viewer just how young the Turtles actually are. But enough about a film you should have seen by now, what’s the figure all about?

Sculpt: Most figures that are based on a film or TV series sometimes take a bit of artistic license with their toys, but DC Collectibles seems bound and determined to give us figures as close to what we saw on screen as possible. The sculpt tries very hard to replicate the shading, coloring and overall appeal of the animated film, and DC, for the most part hits it out of the park. While it can’t be 100% screen accurate, the head sculpt in particular really nails the feel of the film and represents his character very well.


Articulation: This figure comes boasts double jointed knees, nice ankle swivel and ball joints on the wrists and neck. Even though, the neck has a good amount of swivel to it, you can’t really make your figure look straight up or down. For me, this isn’t a problem since I display everything, but for some that might be buying this for their kid or someone that will actually try to play with this, they might be a little disappointed. I do wish the figure sported double jointed elbows, but that’s just me being nitpicky.


Also, while this isn’t a point of articulation, it needs to be noted that this figure actually sports a fabric cape that is way too long for the figure. This works due to the fact that Batman is much taller than any of the Turtles. But the cape itself is hefty while also being easy to move around. I have to hand it to DC Collectibles for opting to not just produce a piece of molded plastic and calling it a cape. Sure, it would have made sense to do that to avoid the obvious distinction between plastic and fabric, but being able to pose the cape along with the figure is a lot of fun.

Accessories: How did DC Collectibles make a Michelangelo figure and not let him come with nunchucks? While I take issue with this, I don’t design action figures for a living, so I’m not going to complain too much. What this figure does come with is three pairs of hands, that snap in and out of place easily thanks to the ball-jointed wrists. He comes with a piece of pizza that fits nicely into one of Mikey’s holsters on his initialed belt, as well as a manhole cover that is painted like a pepperoni pizza…because, why not? While the accessories might be a little slight, like I said before, this figure is probably intended to be shown off and not played with.

Packaging: I’m not an in-box collector. Don’t ask me about that.

Price: This figure boasts a $29.99 price tag, and considering this guy is a Comic Con exclusive, that’s a pretty low price for something that isn’t going to be readily available at your local Target. If you’re interested, you can purchase it here, at Big Bad Toy Store.



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