MCU Spider-Man…no more (updated)

So…here’s a thing that happened, Spider-Man is (potentially) no longer a part of the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just in case you didn’t know, Spider-Man was basically on loan to Marvel and Disney from Sony Pictures. Spider-Man could appear in Marvel films, but there was basically some type of split between the profits of the films Spidey appeared in. Basically Sony would reap the benefits of the Sony-branded Spider-Man films, and Disney would get the lion’s share of any other MCU film that Spider-Man appeared in, ala Captain America: Civil War.

That deal seems to no longer be in the cards, if a new report from Deadline is to be believed. So, to keep things brief, Disney asked for a co-financing deal between them and Sony on all future Spider-Man films.

Sony said “no”, and showed Mickey and producer Kevin Feige the door.


This news may come as a bit of a shock, but Sony pictures might feel emboldened by the $856 million dollar hail that last year’s Venom brought in from the worldwide box office. Thanks to the Venom sequel generating some serious heat from the recent addition of Andy Serkis as director and the return of star Tom Hardy, it can be argued that Sony might not need Spider-Man (or Disney’s table scraps) right now.


But before we can put the cart before the horse, let’s all remember to wait until we hear an official word from either Sony or Disney. Either way, it looks like I made the right choice in saying “goodbye” to the MCU with the release of Avengers: Endgame.

UPDATE: Over a series of tweets, Sony Pictures has officially commented on the state of Spider-Man in the MCU, and things are not looking good as Sony seems to pin the bulk of the decision making on Disney, Marvel and Kevin Feige. In the wake of the most recent slate of Phase Four films that will focus on new characters and gender-bent versions of existing ones, Marvel doesn’t seem to have the time to work on their flagship character.


So much for being the face of the MCU.

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