an interview with Jonathan Ryan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson has been writing and performing his own music for well over a decade now. As the creative force behind Musical Holocaust, John has quickly become a performer that I just cannot define. When he’s not making music, John is creating content for his highly successful YouTube channel, Thriller Bad Productions. Honestly, I can’t […]

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TMNT: Shadow Ninjas review

Vinyl figures are something of a mystery to me. I know that one of the biggest toy manufacturers in the United States is Funko. Their line of Pop! figures is something that I think appeals to virtually anyone. There is just something in that line for everyone to enjoy. You like Back to the Future? […]

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Zoe Quinn’s story is falling apart

“This was not about proving anything about him,” – Zoe Quinn, writer and video game developer. Zoe Quinn returns to Twitter to defend herself after the tragic suicide of former composer and video game developer Alec Holowka. In a lengthy post about her own suicidal tendencies, Zoe goes on to publicly shame journalist and content […]

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