this didn’t need to happen: Zoe and the deleted tweets

I don’t know how to start this story other than to say that I will give you the facts as I have come to understand them.

On August 27th, writer, video game developer and general online “hero”, Zoe Quinn, went to Twitter and accused composer and fellow game developer Alec Holowka of physically, mentally and sexually abusing her almost ten years ago. I say again, she accused a man of sexual assault on Twitter, a Twitter account that has now been deleted, instead of going to a doctor, a cop or a lawyer.

Two days later, developer of the hit indie game Night in the Woods, as well as Holowka’s employer, Infinite Fall, fired Alec Holowka and cut all ties with him. Two days after that, Alec Holowka took his own life. His suicide was announced on Twitter by his sister, Eilieen Mary Holowka.

Over the past few days, there has been a lot of talk of “Cancel Culture” making the rounds on the internet. I’m sure that this is nothing new, but this weekend, it took a man’s life. Ten year old, unproven and uncontested allegations of some very serious crimes were blasted all over Twitter, costing a man his job, his livelihood and ultimately his life, when the accuser, Zoe Quinn, a woman who has said man, many unproven accusations of rape and assault in the past, could’ve easily went to a cop and pressed charges. But instead, she went to social media and decided to partake in a bit of cyberbullying. She attacked a man who was revealed to have been victim of abuse as well as suffering from years of mood and personality disorders. Now none of this excuses Alec if the accusations were true, but now, we’ll never know if the accusations were true.


We’ll never know because Alec Holowka isn’t here to defend himself anymore, and thanks to today’s climate of only hearing the supposed victim’s side of things, as long as they’re female, Zoe Quinn herself will never have to answer for this and she’ll likely never even have to comment on it. The point is, is that she should never have gone to social media with these accusations. She should have went to the authorities. I know that our countries legal system is far from perfect, but it’s there for a reason. Quinn knows this and didn’t care.

If you are a victim of physical, sexual or mental abuse, talk to a professional, be it a cop, lawyer or doctor. I know it’s hard. I know it’s scary, but trying to smear a person on Twitter or Facebook or any other social media website calls your validity into question. At least it does for me. And please, if you’re feeling low, like there’s no way out, if you’re thinking about taking your own life, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255, or visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website. There is always someone that is willing to help and listen. You are not alone and you can get through this.


One thought on “this didn’t need to happen: Zoe and the deleted tweets

  1. 100% agreed! Folks were tossing around the idea of her being brought up on charges much like Michelle Carter (the young lady who convinced her boyfriend to commit suicide) but sadly I don’t think there’s much chance of that happening…if he DID do the horrid things he’s accused of then the larger (truer) injustice is that he’ll NEVER see a day of jail time because Zoe failed to go to the proper authorities with her story…and if she’s lying, she needs to seek help.


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