Zoe Quinn’s story is falling apart

This was not about proving anything about him,” – Zoe Quinn, writer and video game developer.

Zoe Quinn returns to Twitter to defend herself after the tragic suicide of former composer and video game developer Alec Holowka. In a lengthy post about her own suicidal tendencies, Zoe goes on to publicly shame journalist and content creators who are doing their job and investigating the allegations of sexual abuse Quinn had withstood while dating Alec Holowka back in 2012 while the two were working on the development of a game titled “It’s Not Okay, Cupid“.

Back in August, Quinn had made some pretty hefty allegations stating that Alec Holowka “physically confined” her to his apartment and “jam his fingers inside” her. All of this came after another game developer, Nathalie Lawhead, called out her rapist on her blog.

I guess Zoe just had to be involved too.

Over the past couple of weeks, the Post Millennial has been providing readers with Alec Holowka’s side of the story, something that is next to impossible, because Alec cannot defend himself anymore. Over the past few days, Tweet’s thought locked away when Quinn deleted her Twitter account, showed that the allegations of her being confined to an apartment and sectioned off from her friends was something of a lie, or at least hard to believe because her tweets show that Quinn  was, seemingly, hard at work on It’s Not Okay Cupid with Alec and others, working through a cold and basically having a blast while doing it.

On top of that, the Post Millennial also goes on to provide messages from Alec Holowka and indicate that he was quite possibly being emotionally manipulated by Quinn all along. The messages state that Alec was “scared to share” his story. What was he scared of? Who knows. We’ll never know what he was scared of because, as I’ve stated before, he’s not around to give us his side of things.

The point is this, maybe Quinn is right and Alec Holowka did hurt her and abuse her. Maybe he was an angry man who was aggressive toward her and other women, but if there were any allegations about him being physically and sexually violent with anyone, they should have been brought to the proper authorities and not social media. The court of public opinion is a very real thing, but it has no business presiding over serious allegation of sexual abuse and acts of physical violence towards other people. Zoe Quinn knows this and she ranted on Twitter anyway, and Alec Holowka felt so alone after his friends, co-workers and seemingly his own family deserted him.

We don’t know of Alec would’ve taken his own life if these allegations were brought up through the proper (and legal) channels, but we do know this, Alec Holowka took his own life, and no one seems to care about his side of things. I ask you, dear reader, when you hear about allegations of sexual misconduct or physical violence, be willing to ask for both sides of the story. No matter how it may make you feel, you owe it to yourself to be informed. And if you have suffered another person’s verbal, emotional or physical rage, go to the authorities and not social media. Twitter, is not a court of law, we are not jurors and a blog is not a verdict.

If you or someone you know is suffering from suicidal thoughts, please reach out to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. You are not alone.

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