Who should join the TMNT Classics line?

For those not in the know, a small toy manufacturer called Super7, most famous for their line of “classic” Masters of the Universe action figures, has recently set their sights on releasing modern takes on the classic ’88 TMNT line of action figures. Each figure will retail for about forty five dollars (available here) and five waves of four figures will be released over the coming year. Four figures, Raphael, Baxter Stockman, Splinter and a Foot Soldier have already been announced, leaving sixteen figures left to be announced.

While we can safely assume that the usual players (April O’Neil, Casey Jones, Bebop, Rocksteady, Krang and Shredder, along with the other three Turtles) will be announced some time in the near future, that leaves us with seven mystery figures to ponder the identity of. Since I’m an impatient man, here’s my list of seven possible figures that I really hope receive the “Classics” treatment from Super7.


scratchLet’s get this guy out of the way first. While it’s highly debated amongst fans, the “rarest” TMNT action figure from the early 90’s deserves a spot in the Classics line simply because sharks on ebay have made it next to impossible for an average Joe collector to afford a four-inch, plastic action figure. Making a modern collectible figure with a somewhat affordable price of one of the most popular collectibles in TMNT history is something many fans would appreciate and it would show the appreciation that Super7 has for fans of all things TMNT.

Mona Lisa

mona lisaRaphael needs his girl Mona and there’s nothing wrong with that. While there weren’t many female characters found within the original ’88 line of figures from Playmates toys,  Mona has a serious fan following that would love to see a modern interpretation of the character. At the very least it would be leaps and bounds better than the in-name-only version of her seen in the 2012 animated TMNT series.

Rat King

rat king

Dude, Jim Lawson’s design of the original Rat King figure is begging for some love from modern day sculpting and articulation. This figure honestly creeped me out as a kid and I think collectors nowadays, whether they were around in the 80’s or not would love to add this guy to their collections.



Pizza Face

pizzafaceThis guy’s gross, man, and that gross factor is something I think that Turtles action figures have been sorely missing for decades now. For whatever reason, Playmates Toys has been seemingly afraid to go back to their roots and focus on the crazy mutation aspect that affects virtually every figure in the Turtles’ rogue’s gallery. Pizza Face is a guy who mutated himself while being cooled in a massive pizza oven. Think about that…this guy was, and should be again, a walking horror show. I hope Super7 picks up where Playmates left off all those years ago and gives us a gross, freaky and almost scary action figure.

Ace Duck

ace duckSeriously, Ace needs some love. I’m not saying this because Ace is my favorite figure in the TMNT line…well, I’m not only saying it because he’s my favorite, but he’s also the most criminally underused character in TMNT history. Honestly, what can you tell me about Ace Duck as a character? I’ll wait. Ace deserves more attention and a re-introduction from Super7 is the best chance he has at hitting it big with both new and old fans that may have forgotten about him.

Scale Tail

scale tailIn the entire line of ’88 TMNT action figures, there is no sculpt more unique than Scale Tail’s. Being a snake made up of other flippin’ snakes is damn impressive. The fact that he only cost something like four bucks in 1992 is a friggin’ miracle. If nothing else, it would be a great opprotunity for Super7 to improve upon Playmates own design and make the base for Scale Tail larger, making him an easier figure to stand. Plus, this would be a great example of thinking outside the box when it comes to selecting villains to make figures of. Sure, I know we’ll probably get another Leatherhead or another attempt at Slash, but I think Scale Tail, a figure no one remembers, deserves a big push.

Doctor El

doctor elYeah, I know this won’t fly today, but an elephant witch doctor is something we all need right now. Super7 needs to just go for it with this line, and what says “going for it” more than a possibly culturally offensive action figure that was originally designed for children? Say it with me: Elephant Witch Doctor!



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