who are the best fifth Turtles?

So something of a bombshell has rocked the Turtle fan community with the reveal in issue 95 of the ongoing comic book from IDW that Jennika, everyone’s favorite assassin turned caretaker has been mutated into a turtle. Surprisingly, this reveal has been accepted much more openly than I was expecting. While there is the occasional […]

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just the basics: Venus de Milo

Venus de Milo The 5th Turtle Released in 1997   Perhaps the most infamous character to be introduced into the Turtles storied history, Venus de Milo is a character that deserves more of a positive spotlight put. There is so much negativity out there about her that I can’t blame you if you just dismissed […]

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Where is Venus?

If you frequent this website with any amount of regularity, you already know that I am a big fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I have spent years writing about them, and it’s for good reason: they’re incredible. In my opinion, they have been a part of the best action figure line in history. […]

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