Resident Evil 2: One-Shot Demo

So honestly, I have been debating whether or not I should pre-order the remake of Resident Evil 2. Sure, the original games is held in high regard by fans (myself included), and is considered by most to be the best game in the entire Resident Evil series to this day. But, with January 25th and […]

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Batman v Spider-Man

So Spider-Man on PS4 really took me by surprise. During my first few hours of playing, I wasn’t a fan of Spidey’s new game. I felt very frustrated that I was terrible at web slinging, I couldn’t get a handle on the combat and gadgets and I felt lucky whenever I took down a boss. […]

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Spider-Man PS4 suit guide

So I have been obsessed with the new Spider-Man game on PS4. For the past two weeks, I have played nothing but everyone’s favorite wall-crawling video game. I have unlocked nearly every goodie found within, I’ve played through all three dlc chapters (which are a lot of fun, by the way), and I have actually […]

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