just the basics: the whole story

just the basics: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a look back at the best damn action figures ever made For Nicole- My wife and best friend For Rob- The King of the hosers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: just the basics Back in 1988, a toy company called Playmates released the greatest action figure line in toys […]

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just the basics: Venus de Milo

Venus de Milo The 5th Turtle Released in 1997   Perhaps the most infamous character to be introduced into the Turtles storied history, Venus de Milo is a character that deserves more of a positive spotlight put. There is so much negativity out there about her that I can’t blame you if you just dismissed […]

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just the basics: Shogun Shoate

Shogun Shoate The Metallic Mad Shogun Mauler Released in 1994   There are few figures in this line that exude a sense of sheer power more than Shoate. This massive, dinosaur samurai is a major threat to the Turtles, and while he may be considered a bad guy, he’s much more honorable than you might […]

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just the basics: Kenshin

Kenshin The Rebel Son of the Evil Warlord Released in 1993   Kenshin, the son of Lord Norinaga, is really the reason for the events of the third film transpiring in the first place. Lord Norinaga wants the farm lands that belong to Princess Mitsu, but Kenshin is in love with Mitsu and conspires with […]

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just the basics: Warlord

Warlord The Devious and Demented Daimyo Released in 1993   Lord Norinaga is after his son for shaming their family name. When he finds him, who knows what he’ll do. Now, that’s my sin on what this character was like in the third Turtles film. He wasn’t necessarily evil just a guy out to do […]

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just the basics: Walker

Walker The Ruthless English Pirate Released in 1993   In 1993, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 hit theaters. This film saw the Turtles thrust back in time to the sixteenth century, and somehow ending up in Japan, where they end up in the middle of a war with a rebellious group of farmers and a […]

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just the basics: Monty Moose

Monty Moose The One Who Always Gets His Mutant Released in 1992     Step back Hosers, the Turtles have got Canada covered! One day, up in the great white North, a small moose drank from a river of Mutagen that had spilled after the Shredder and his minions had swept through the mountainous terrain […]

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