Just the basics, Fugitoid


The Sleek Servo Servant

Released in 1990

Before there were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, there was Fugitoid. Premiering back in the pages of the anthology comic book called Gobbledygook in 1984; Fugitoid (along with the Triceratons) is one of the first creations from Mirage Studios. I have heard tale that Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird TMNT #1 in 1984 the official start of Mirage Studios, technically speaking, it started here.

But, it’s Kevin and Peter, they know what’s what.

Fugitoid was once a man named Dr. Honeycutt; one day, thanks to some ridiculous circumstances involving the Triceratons, Honeycutt’s consciousness was transferred to his robot servant SAL. Classified a Fugitive Android he spent most of his days running from the authorities until he crossed paths with the Heroes in a Half-Shell.

The action figure in question seems to be a pretty accurate rendering of the comic book character. Admittedly, there are a few extra bells and whistles added for flair and to differentiate itself from other robotic figures in the line, like Metalhead. Where Fugitoid from the comics is silver, the Playmates figure is bronze with blue and red circuitry added throughout the figure. Plus his head sculpt is a great display of a minimal design. He only has two red eyes and thin red line for a mouth, but somehow, it’s a great way to display his character.

While his articulation does leave a little to be desired, he makes up for it with a chest plate that opens up. Inside is a peg that can latch onto his accessory of choice, the skeletal scanner. While this isn’t a weapon, Fugitoid, according to his portrait, is meant for recon, scouting and infiltration; and as such, his weaponry reflects his non-combative purposes. But when push comes to shove, he does have his trusty metal-melting machine gun, proving that this fugitive android is not to be trifled with.

While it is a shame that Fugitoid never appeared in the ’87 animated series, he did have a massive presence in the 2012, Nickelodeon series. The figure I have in my collection hasn’t held up the best over time. The paint on his arms and legs has faded over the years. This may have something to do with the materials used during manufacturing. His limbs are made of a softer plastic that is almost translucent in the right light. Seeing as how he does lack articulation when compared to other figures in the line, this may have been a design choice for the figure seeing as how his comic book counterpart is almost never standing still. He isn’t a bendy figure by any sense, but the sculpt on his limbs shows off a telescoping effect that is translated nicely on the figure. Perhaps the folks over at Playmates were trying to save us from broken arms and legs with this guy and opted for softer materials. Either way, this is a fine figure that is a great example of what came before the Turtles we all know from the creators we all have been inspired by.


Turtle Trivia: Fugitoid was voiced by actor David Tennant, a Scottish actor well-known for playing the Tenth Doctor in the long running sci-fi show Doctor Who.


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